KIDS: Larry Clarke’s Scandalously Shocking Feature Debut, Starring Chloë Sevigny and Rosario Dawson

Miramax slipped Kids into the Sundance Festival at an unannounced midnight screening, and it immediately became the talk of the festival–the only controversial film in an otherwise disappointing week. Produced by rebel filmmaker Gus Van Sant, the movie marks an impressive debut by noted photographer Larry Clarke. The screening's clandestine nature, combined with Clarke's penchant for lurid subject matter created a buzz–and a packed house of viewers, all glued to their seats.

GAY PRIDE: Paris Is Burning–Revisiting Livingston’s Seminal Docu of Gay Black and Hispanic Subculture, Restored and Rereleased–Watch It!

Gay Pride: Revisiting Livingston’s Landmark Documentary, Paris Is Burning, at its 30th Anniversary.

In the Heights: Box-Office Flop

Box Office Upset: ‘In the Heights’ Loses to ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ With Tepid $11.4M Bow

Walk a Crooked Mile (1948): Gordon Douglas’ Anti-Communist Film Noir

Gordon Douglas directed Walk a Crooked Mile, an efficiently executed anti-communist film noir, starring Louis Hayward and Dennis O’Keefe.

First Gay Kiss: Schlesinger’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, Starring Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, and Murray Head as the Guy they Both Love

GAY PRIDE MONTH: Based on Penelope Gilliatt’s sharp script, the movie holds important place in film history, offering the first positive image of homosexual in lead role in mainstream movie–and the first gay kiss!