Mission Impossible–Dead Reckoning Part One: Trailer Officially Arrives

The official Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One trailer release comes after a leak over the weekend. Twitter users who shared the leak were slapped with copyright takedown.

Holy Spider: Ali Abbasi’s Film Noir–Iranian Style

When the real life “spider killer” was caught in 2001, he found public support for his argument that he was stamping out what he called moral corruption.

Holy Spider: Feminist Protestors Stage Dramatic Scene with Black Smoke (Cannes 2022)

At the premiere of Holy Spider, director Ali Abbasi’s female-centered thriller, roughly 12 women in formal wear gathered on the famed stairs of the Palais with raised fists, filling the space with thick black smoke and holding scroll with a list of 129 women’s names.

SNL: Davidson and McKinnon Say Goodbye in Finale: “Memories That Will Last a Lifetime”

As McKinnon headed into UFO during a sketch, she told the crowd, “I love you. Thanks for letting me stay a while.”

Top Gun: Maverick–Director Joseph Kosinski on Making the Sequel

Director Joseph Kosinski Talks Volleyball, F-18s, and Star Tom Cruise Joseph Kosinski worked with the Navy and his cinematographer to place six cameras into the cockpit of an F-18. Tom Cruise plays Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. COURTESY OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES When setting out to […]