Supremes at 60: Mary Wilson Says Reunion “Up to Diana Ross”

The Vegas farewell, after which Ross embarked on a solo career, was for many a sad event.

Easy Rider: Hopper’s Seminal Countercultural Film–Impact, Ambiguities, Contradictions

Easy Rider, the counter-cultural movie, celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. Regardless of your aesthetics and politics, the movie is a must-see generational touchstone.

Hollywood 1929: You Must Remember This….

Top-Grossing Films of 1929 Rank Title Studio Box office gross rental 1 The Broadway Melody, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer $2,808,000 2 The Cock-Eyed World, Fox Film Corporation $2,700,000 3 Gold Diggers of Broadway, Warner Bros. $2,540,000 4 Sunny Side Up, Fox Film Corporation $2,190,000 5 On with the Show! Warner Bros. $1,741,000 6 Say It with Songs, $1,715,000 […]

16 DAYS 16 FILMS: Exploring and Educating on Forms of Violence against Women

All films are directed by a female-identifying filmmaker, are 20 minutes or under, and speak powerfully to the many forms which gender-based violence and inequality and discrimination can take.

William Blinn: Scripter on ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Brian’s Song’ and ‘Roots,’ Dies at 83

Joining Fame after the pilot had been shot, he made adjustments to the show, which was then picked up by NBC. He wrote for three seasons and earned three Emmy nominations for best drama series