Hitchcock: Reel/Real Impact:–Taking Bathes and Showers

Hitchcock liked to tell a story of a moviegoers who told him that  after seeing Clouzot’s Diaboloque, his daughter would not take a bath, and after seeing Psycho, she won’t even take a shower.

Real Impact: Tarantina–Hollywood 1969, the Un-Official Quentin Tarantino Cabaret

The influence of film auteur Quentin Tarantino goes way beyond the realm of cinema.

Mad Magazine: After 67 Years, No More

MAD Magazine, the irreverent and influential satirical magazine, will effectively cease publication later this year after 67 years.

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Hulu’s Miniseries Kicks Off with Mini-Sequel

A few months before Hulu’s debut its miniseries, Four Weddings and a Funeral, the cast of the 1994 romantic comedy reunited to offer a “mini-sequel” on the annual Red Nose Day fundraiser on NBC.

Super Bowl 2019: Adam Levine Dedicates Halftime Performance to Jordy, his Late Manager

Maroon 5’s singer Adam Levine dedicated the band’s Super Bowl halftime performance to “Jordy,” his late manager Jordan Feldstein. Feldstein, the older brother of actor Jonah Hill, died in December 2017 at the age of 40 of blood clot in his leg.