Kennedy and Moon Landing: Augmented Reality App (AR)–Commemorating 50th Anniversary

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library has released an augmented reality app (AR) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and the role President Kennedy in getting the U.S. to the moon.

Spider-Man: Far from Home: Tom Holland–Hollywood’s New Big Thing

Sony’s Marvel Comic entry, which cost $160 million to produce, is expected to earn $154 million during its first 6 days of release.

Tony Awards 2019: Full List of Winners

2019 Tony Awards: Full List of Winners

Stonewall Forever: Docu about Gay Bar and Origins of Gay Rights Movement

We decided that we wanted to create a documentary for the younger generation, which tells the importance of queer spaces for gathering both then and now, and why we have to work to preserve these spaces.

Once Upon a Time… Hollywood: Entertaining and Nostalgic but Not Sentimental

Tarantino’s ninth feature, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, is a brazenly entertaining, supremely acted, playfully self-reflexive, deeply personal movie. As such, it serves as the director’s love letter to the film industry–and to Los Angeles itself–at a crucial time, when major changes were about to take place in and out tinsel town.