Cannes Film Fest 2020: Event Cancelled, but Selection of Films May Play at Other Fesyivals

Cannes Festival is cancelled as a physical event, but organizers may screen a selection of films at other festivals under the label “Cannes 2020.”

Sundance Film Fest 1986

Sundance Film Fest 1986 Dates: January 17–26; United States Film Festival All Films Allies, Marian Wilkinson, Independent Australia (Documentary) Belizaire: The Cajun, Glen Pitrem, Glen Pitre, Dramatic Bliss, Ray Lawrence Peter Carey, Ray Lawrence, Independent Australia (Dramatic) Shorts: Camera Natura, Ross Gibson, Independent Australia (Short) Chain Letters, Mark Rappaport, Dramatic Competition Chimes at Midnight Orson […]

Sundance Film Fest 2020: Year 37

Sundance Film Fest 2020: Year 37–Dramatic Competition

Venice Film Fest 2020: Go Ahead as Planned, September 2-22

The Venice Film Festival has confirmed it will go ahead as planned this year, holding its 77th edition September 2-12.

Cannes Film Fest 2020: Event Cancelled but Virtual Film Market Will Run

Marché du Film of the 2020 Cannes Film Fest unveiled detailed of its plans for its virtual film market, which will run June 22-26.