Cannes Film Fest 2017: Ranking the 20 Competition Films, From Strongest to Weakest

Overall, the lineup was mediocre, with very few highlights, possibly only one masterpiece, and many average features.

Venice Film Fest 2019: Star Studed, Oscar Contenders Premieres

The four U.S. pictures in the main competition are all high-profile entries, starting with Fox’s “Ad Astra,” directed by James Grey, which features Pitt as an astronaut on a mission to save the solar system from imminent destruction.

Cannes Film Fest 2019: Papicha, Algerian Mounia Meddour’s Feature Debut

Papicha, the first feature from writer-director Mounia Meddour, set during the Algerian Civil War in the 1990s, was inspired by real events. It tells the story of a young woman obsessed with fashion whose freedom was curbed until there was basically nothing else to do but either rebel or leave.   Share this:

Cannes Film Fest 2019: Gender Gap in Thriller Genre

The gender gap between male and female filmmakers is most evident in the thriller genre.

Cannes Film Fest 2019: Velvet Underground, Haynes’ First Documentary

In the first secret project to hit the Croisette, buyers will get to see footage from an untitled Todd Haynes documentary about seminal rock group The Velvet Underground. Footage from the music-themed film, which marks Haynes’ first documentary, will be screened Thursday afternoon at the Cinema Olympia in Cannes and is expected to ignite a […]