Tribute to Peter Fonda: Easy Rider–Seminal Counter-Cultural Film–Impact, Ambiguities, Contradictions

Tribute to Peter Fonda: Regardless of your aesthetics and politics, the movie is a must-see experience, a generational touchstone that forever changed Hollywood and American pop culture.

Blinded By the Light: Gurinder Chadha’s Heartfelt, Inspirational Coming of Age Tale, Companion Piece to Bend It Like Beckham

In many ways, her new film, Blinded by the Light is a companion piece to Bend It Like Beckham, a joyously inspirational but unsentimental serio-comedy, which is grounded in reality.

Oscar 2020: Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse

One of the best-reviewed films at Cannes, The Lighthouse is a stylized (black-and-white) gothic horror period piece (it’s set in the late nineteenth century).

Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood: Tarantino Defends “Arrogant” Portrayal of Bruce Lee

Tarantino defended the criticisms of the “arrogant” portrayal of Bruce Lee in his new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, claiming that it isn’t so inaccurate…..

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Like most horror flicks, the tale is set in a small-town, here Mill Valley, Pennsylvania, and on a special day, on Halloween of 1968.