Kinds of Kindness: Jesse Plemons Says Has Scenes “That May Make People Sick to Their Stomachs”

After revealing that he felt sick to his stomach while reading the script for Kinds of Kindness, Jesse Plemons says some audience members may feel the same way when they watch Lanthimos film.

Thelma: Director Margolis Got Blessing of Tom Cruise (and His Own Grandma) for Oscar Nominee June Squibb Action-Comedy

I always wanted it to be June Squibb, she always felt like the only person for the part. It was pretty hard to imagine anybody else.

Oscar Actors: Plemons, Jesse–About Lanthimos Approach in “Kinds of Kindness”

“After reading the script, I had this sick to my stomach feeling”–Jesse Plemons about “Kinds of Kindness.”

Oscar Actors: De Niro, Robert–Celebrated by Tribeca Film Fest 2024

“Once I’m in it, I’m in with them. Everyone respects everybody, that’s the way it is for me”–De Niro

Bikeriders, The: Star Tom Hardy on his Jeff Nichols Movie, Riding Motorcycles, and Austin Butler

Riding a time piece takes a lot of effort because they can fall apart and that can be dangerous–Tom Hardy