Oscar Artists: Zsigmond, Vilmos–

He won the 1977 Best Cinematography Oscar for Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography for The Deer Hunter.

Oscar Quiz: Best Actress

Name the actress who had received three of her four Best Actress nominations for playing a lead role in a script written by her husband?

Oscar Actors: Dee, Ruby–Supporting Actress Nominee, American Gangster (Cumulative Advantage)

For her performance as Mahalee Lucas, as Denzel Washington’s mother, in American Gangster (2007), Dee was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

Oscar Quiz: Best Actor

Name the actor who had received Best Actor nominations for his very first and for his very last film?

Oscar Quiz: Psychiatrists–Nominations and Wins

How many actors (male and female) have been nominated for or won the Oscar for playing a psychiatrist?