Oscar Directors: Aronofsky, Darren–Background, Career, Awards

August 8, 2020 Darren Aronofsky Career Summation Occupational Inheritance: No Social Class: middle class; parents teachers Race/Ethnicity: Jewish (born) Nationality: Formal Education: Harvard University Training: Irish First Film: Pi, 1998; age 29 First Oscar Nomination: Other Nominations: Oscar Awards: Nominations Span: Genre (specialties): psychological horror Collaborators: cinematographer Last Film: Contract: Career Output: NA Career Span: […]

Oscar Actors: Sidney, Sylvia–Background, Career, Awards

Updated August 7, 2020 Sylvia Sidney Career Summary: Occupational Inheritance: No Social Class: working class; father immigrant clothing salesman Race/Ethnicity/Religion: Jewish Family: parents divorced Education: No Training: Theatre Guild’s acting school Spotting: Hollywood talent agent Teacher/Inspirational Figure: Radio Debut: TV Debut: Stage Debut: age 17 Broadway Debut: Film Debut: age 17 Breakthrough Role: City Streets; […]

Oscar Artists: DuVernay, Ava–Oscar Nominee (13th Docu) Receives 2020 Gish Award

Ava DuVernay will receive the 27th annual Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize in honor of her efforts to amplify the voices of women and people of color through her film and TV work. 

Oscar Actors: Hudson, Rock–Background, Career, Awards

Updated August 2, 2020 Occup Inheritance: No Social Class: working class; father telephone operator Race/Ethnicity/Religion Family: only child, parents divorced when he was 4; mother remarried and then divorced Education: Training: Teacher/Inspirational Figure: Radio Debut: TV Debut: Stage Debut: Broadway Debut: Film Debut: Breakthrough Role: Oscar Role: Other Noms: Other Awards: Frequent Collaborator: Screen Image: […]

Oscar Actors: Stanwyck, Barbara–Background, Career, Awards (Cum Advantage, 3 Emmy Awards)

Barbara Stanwyck (born Ruby Catherine Stevens; July 16, 1907 – January 20, 1990) was a stage, film and television star, enjoying a 60-year career as consummate and versatile professional with strong, realistic screen presence. Favorite directors including Cecil B. DeMille, Fritz Lang and Frank Capra. She made 85 films in 38 years before turning to […]