Tenet: Nolan’s Anticipated Blockbuster May Open in Foreign Markets Before the U.S.

American studios may not wait for the country to flatten the curve in order to release their highly anticipated big-budget pictures, such as Tent and Mulan.

Leave the World Behind: Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington Star in Netflix Thriller

Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington to Star in Netflix Thriller ‘Leave The World Behind’

Anderson, Paul Thomas: High School Film Goes to MGM

Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s HIgh School Movie Shifts From Focus to MGM.

Monster Hunter: Anderson’s Version of Video Game Shifts to April 2021 Release

Paul W. S. Anderson’s film adaptation of the video game — which stars Milla Jovovich — is the latest Hollywood picture to shift course because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler’s Movie to Shoot in Los Angeles this Week

The streamer’s upcoming Adam Sandler movie Hubie Halloween is slated to shoot a day of pick-ups on Saturday, July 11.