Cinema Sabaya: Israel’s Contender for the 2023 Best International Feature Oscar

Orit Fouks Rotem’s award-winning drama follows a group of Arab and Israeli women taking part in a documentary filmmaking workshop. 

Critical Condition (1987): Michael Apted’s Misfire, Comedy of Fae Identity, Starring Richard Pryor, Rachel Ticotin, Rubén Blades, Joe Mantegna, Joe Dallesandro

Pryor plays Kevin Lenahan, a con man who is framed in a jewel robbery.

Dahmer (2002): Horror–Inspired by Real Events

Jeremy Renner plays the well-known serial killer and rapist Jeffrey Dahmer in the 2002 biopic.

Decision to Leave: Making of Park Chan-wook’s Masterful Film (Cannes Film Fest)

In Decision to Leave, a detective falls for a beautiful murder suspect. In the hands of South Korean master Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden), that familiar noir premise is the outermost layer of a complex, multi-nuanced noir thriller.

Deep Water (2022): Adrian (‘Fatal Attraction”) Lyne Attempts Comeback with Erotic Psychological Thriller

After a long absence, British director Adrian (Fatal Attraction) Lyne attempts a comeback with the erotic psychological thriller, Deep Water.