New York Film Fest 2020: “Reimagined” Virtual Event

Our fest is 58 years old, but in many ways, this feels like year one,” says fest director Eugene Hernandez as the lineup includes drive-in screenings, a trio of films by Steve McQueen and a Sofia Coppola-Bill Murray reunion.

Code Red: Hollywood Controversial–Cuties Debate Increases Viewership for Netflix

Cuties: Controversy Over Film’s Intent (Sexualization of Young Girls) Brings More Viewers to Netflix Movie. Is it Curiosity? Voyeurism? Fear of Impact on Younger Viewers (and Their Parents)?

Trial of the Chicago 7: Aaron Sorkin Talks about his New, Urgent Movie

It began in 2006, when Spielberg asked me to come to his house on a Saturday morning. He said, ‘I really want to make a movie about those terrible riots in Chicago in 1968 at the convention, and then the crazy conspiracy trial that followed.’ I said, ‘that sounds great. I’m in.’

Greta: Documentary’s Subject, Greta Thunberg, Discusses Climate Change, Celeb Culture

The world leaders that rally behind my message to tackle a global climate crisis would rather hold photo calls at her side than actively reduce environmental destruction.

Rebel: ABC’s New Drama Inspired by the Life of Erin Brockovich, Starring Katey Sagal

ABC will air in 2021 Rebel, a drama inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich with Katey Sagal as the legal advocate.