Oscar Directors: Parker, Alan–Two-Time Oscar Nominee (Midnight Express, Mississippi Burning) Dies at 76

Parker, who directed 14 features and wrote six of them, loved music-driven films: Bugsy Malone (1976), Fame (1980), Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982), The Commitments (1991) and Evita (1996), with Madonna as Eva Perón. “If you can use music and images together, it’s very powerful,” he noted in 1995.

Tenet: Nolan’s Anticipated Blockbuster May Open in Foreign Markets Before the U.S.

American studios may not wait for the country to flatten the curve in order to release their highly anticipated big-budget pictures, such as Tent and Mulan.

Oscar Actors: Hudson, Rock–Background, Career, Awards

Updated August 2, 2020 Occup Inheritance: No Social Class: working class; father telephone operator Race/Ethnicity/Religion Family: only child, parents divorced when he was 4; mother remarried and then divorced Education: Training: Teacher/Inspirational Figure: Radio Debut: TV Debut: Stage Debut: Broadway Debut: Film Debut: Breakthrough Role: Oscar Role: Other Noms: Other Awards: Frequent Collaborator: Screen Image: […]


Directed by Martin Scorsese. Starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. Netflix releasing in theaters on November 1, and streaming on November 27th.

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Netflix: Great Programs in August–New Series, Old Movies

Two James Bond pictures in August: one, Quantum of Solace, mediocre; the other, Casino Royale, great

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Lovers Rock: Steve McQueen’s Drama to Open the 2020 N.Y. Film Fest

NY Film Fest Opens With Steve McQueen’s Lovers Rock.


Carlito’s Way (1993): De Palma’s Crime Drama, Starring Al Pacino, Sean Penn and Penelope Ann Miller

Brian De Palma directed Carlito’s Way, an ultra-violent crime drama, based on the novels Carlito’s Way (1975) and After Hours (1979) by Judge Edwin Torres. The superb secondary cast includes Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, Luis Guzman, John Leguizamo, Jorge Porcel, Joseph Siravo and Viggo Mortensen. The film stars Al Pacino as Carlito Brigante, a […]

Down to Earth (1947): Hall’s Musical Sequel to Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Starring Rita Hayworth and Larry Parks

Alexander Hall directed Down to Earth, a musical comedy starring Rita Hayworth and Larry Parks, a sequel to his Oscar nominated Here Comes Mr. Jordan of 1941.

Affectionately Yours (1941): Lloyd Bacon’s Romantic Comedy, Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan, and Rita Hayworth (Comedy of Remarriage)

Prolific Warner contract director Lloyd Bacon made Affectionately Yours, a romantic comedy starring Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan, and Rita Hayworth.

Along Came a Spider (2001): Lee Tamahori’s Thriller, Starring Morgan Freeman

Lee Tamahori directed Along Came a Spider, a psychological thriller that’s the second installment in the Alex Cross film series, and a sequel to the 1997 Kiss the Girls, with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as detective Alex Cross.