This Land Is Mine (1943): Renoir’s American Political Drama, Starring Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Hara and George Sanders

While in exile in the U.S., French filmmaker Jean Renoir directed This Land Is Mine, an overtly political drama starring Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Hara and George Sanders.

Fastest Gun Alive, The (1956): Western Starring Glenn Ford, Jeanne Crain, and Broderick Crawford

Russell Rouse directed this black and white Western, starring starring Glenn Ford, Jeanne Crain, and Broderick Crawford. The tale, penned by Rouse and Frank Gilroy, was based on the March 30, 1954 episode of “The United States Steel Hour,” directed by Alex Segal starring Harry Bellaver and Royal Dano. Ford plays George Kelby Jr., son […]

Anonymous (2004): Verow as Director and Actor (Gay Sex)

Queer writer and director Todd Verow helmed Anonymous, a self-indulgent, tediously boring exploration of sordid anonymous sex.

Film Theory: Classic, Dominant, Mainstream Cinema–Hollywood

CLASSICAL (DOMINANT, MAINSTREAM HOLLYWOOD) CINEMA A feature‑length narrative sound film made and distributed by the Hollywood studio system. There is ambiguity about the precise dates for the classic period (people agree on roughly 1930‑60). What is important is the concept of a classical model with fixed conventions of film practice that are repeated from product […]

Baby Face Harrington (1935): Raoul Walsh’s Comedy, Starring Una Merkel and Charles Butterworth

Raoul Walsh directed the comedy Baby Face Harrington, written by Nunnally Johnson, Edwin H. Knopf and Charles Lederer.