Family: Polygamy

Polygamy does not  eradicate jealousy simply because an ideology of non-jealousy was imposed by men from the top. Share this:

Family: Mother-Daughter

July 7, 2020 Family: Mother-Daughter The Graduate Mildred Pierce Stella Dallas Terms of Endearment Thirteen (2003): Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood form the most vividly heartbreaking mother-daughter screen team in recent memory. Share this:

Hitchcock: Themes–Telephone

H notion of the extreme importance of the call, symbolized by telephone: Psycho: Sheriff calls Norman Rear Window: Stewart sends  Kelly to the killer’s place, then calls the killer, killer then calls on the phone before going to Stewart’s place. Strangers on the Train: Use of phone multiple times throughout the plot Share this:

Hitchcock: Themes–Darkness, Chaos, Unknowness

H sees darkness as underlying or surrounding all human existence; it’s the chaos of the unknown, unorganized A concept of A, P, Rossiter uses as discovery Shakespeare’s tragedies in “Angel With Horns.” The unknownness of the universe. (R. Wood, 106) Share this:

Hitchcock: Themes–Accidental Meetings, Fateful Encounters

July 7, 2020 Accidental Meetings, Fateful Encounters are crucial in H’s work. H’s basic issue: How  does an accidental encounter cause fatal consequences? An apparent order of the ordinary life is precipitated into catastrophe by accidental encounter H’s universe is governed by “malign  spirit.” Chance events tend to plunge normal citizens into a nightmare The […]