Neither Confirm Nor Deny (2020): Philip Carter’s Docu

Adapting a nonfiction book written by that project’s director, Philip Carter’s┬áNeither Confirm Nor Deny chronicles the CIA’s effort to retrieve a Soviet submarine that sank in the Pacific Ocean in 1968.

Hollywood 1929: You Must Remember This….

Top-Grossing Films of 1929 Rank Title Studio Box office gross rental 1 The Broadway Melody Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer $2,808,000 2 The Cock-Eyed World Fox Film Corporation $2,700,000 3 Gold Diggers of Broadway Warner Bros. $2,540,000 4 Sunny Side Up Fox Film Corporation $2,190,000 5 On with the Show! Warner Bros. $1,741,000 6 Say It with Songs $1,715,000 […]

Hollywood 1928: You Must Remember This…..

Events January 6: Charlie Chaplin’s comedy The Circus premieres at the Strand Theatre in New York City. January 15: Five months after its premiere at the Criterion Theater in New York, Paramount’s Wings opens in Los Angeles. The film would win the first Oscar Award for Best Picture. April 21: The Passion of Joan of […]

Gay Culture: Sewing Circle (Lesbians in Hollywood)

The sewing circle is also a phrase used by Marlene Dietrich, for instance, to describe the underground, closeted lesbian and bisexual film actresses and their relationships in Hollywood, United States, particularly during Hollywood’s golden age from the 1910s to the 1950s. This usage was coined by the actress Alla Nazimova. Biblio: Madsen, Axel (2002). The […]

Oscar Actors: Occupational Inheritance and Mobility Patterns in Acting Profession (Nominees)

November 18, 2020 Occupational Inheritance in the Acting Profession (Best Actor Nominees) Occupational inheritance refers to the phenomenon where sons and daughters follow in the career paths of their parents. This trend has been documented in the professions of engineering, medicine, military, and education. Our essay examines the extent of occupational inheritance in the acting […]