Cinematography: Role, Theory and Practice

“Every picture defines its own look, and that definition begins with the director’s intention”–Sven Nykvist

Movie Stars: Belmondo, Jean-Paul–Iconic French Actor and International Movie Star

The 2011 Cannes Film Fest celebrates Jean-Paul Belmondo, French and international movie star for six decades.

Sociology: Art, Literature–Theory, Approaches, Methods

The sociology of literature, a subfield of the sociology of culture, studies the social production of literature and its social implications. Classical Sociology None of the ‘founding fathers’ of sociology produced a detailed study of literature, but they did develop ideas that were subsequently applied to literature by others. Karl Marx’s theory of ideology has […]

100 Book: 100 Texts That Influenced My Thinking–Lucien Goldmann

The Hidden God A Study of Tragic Vision in the Pensées of Pascal and the Tragedies of Racine By Lucien Goldmann Preface by Michael Lowy Translated by Philip Thody This remarkable text, first published in 1964, was a landmark of its era and remains, in the words of Michael Löwy, a work of “remarkable richness.” […]

Film Theory: Hidden God (ed) Kent Jones, Philip Lopate, Sarris

The subject of God has often been touched on in the movies. European directors like Ingmar Bergman, Robert Bresson, Luis Bunuel, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Roberto Rossellini and many others have dealt directly with the theme throughout their careers. Hollywood too has told stories based on the Bible, the lives of […]