Oscar Directors: Stone, Oliver–Background, Career, Awards–Draft

Platoon won rave reviews, large audiences, and Oscar Awards for Best Picture and Best Director

Directors: Richard Oswald’s Filmography (Different from the Others (1919), First Pro-Gay Film Ever Made (Gal Identity, Paragraph 175)

Partially funded the production through his Institute for Sexual Science, the film was intended as polemic against the then-current laws under Germany’s “Paragraph 175,” which made homosexuality a criminal offense.

Oscar Actors: Shearer, Norma–Background, Career, Awards

Norma Shearer was the first person to be nominated five times for the Best Actress Oscar, winning the award for her performance in The Divorcee (1930).

Movie Stars: Lanza, Mario–Singer, Actor, Star

At the height of his career, Lanza was voted by exhibitors as being among the most popular stars in the country:

Cukor, George: Hollywood Best Actor Director–Constance Bennett, Our Betters (1933)

Our Betters, a farce about a free-spirited American social climber, is the only Somerset Maugham play Cukor directed, despite close friendship.