Movie Stars: Roberts Julia–from TV to the Big Screen and back to TV

Julia Roberts, the one time Oscar winner and multiple nominee, has never won an Emmy but this year she is a strong contender for an acting nomination with Amazon’s Homecoming. Roberts made her first appearance on television in 1987 as a juvenile survivor of sexual assault on NBC’s Michael Mann-produced Crime Story. She was 19. […]

Malick, Terrence: Director Career; Filmography

Sharply uneven, the output of the massively talented filmmaker Terrence Malick is small: 10 films in 46 years, though four of them masterpieces.

Elton, John: Artist as the Ultimate Survivor

Every creative artist does have doubt and has moments of, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Am I good enough?’–Elton John

Zwick, Edward: Director Career; Filmography

Edward M. Zwick He has worked primarily as director and/or producer of serio-comedies or epic historical films, including About Last Night, Glory, Legends of the Fall, and The Last Samurai. Edward M. Zwick was born October 8, 1952 into a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Ruth Ellen (née Reich) and Allen Zwick. […]

Mann, Anthony: Director Career; Filmography

Anthony Mann (June 30, 1906 – April 29, 1967) Mann is best remembered for his work in the film noir and Westerns genres. As a director, he often collaborated with the cinematographer John Alton. He directed films for a variety of production companies, from RKO to MGM, and worked with many major stars of the […]