Matrix 4: Carrie-Anne Moss Offered Grandma Role Day After Turning 40 (Women in Film)

To promote her new book, Face: One Square Foot of Skin, a nonfiction tome about the ways society responds to women as they age, actress turned author and filmmaker Justine Bateman asked friend Carrie-Anne Moss to moderate a conversation on behalf of New York’s 92nd Street Y.

Directors: Stahl, John M. and Hollywood Melodrama

The Call of the Heart: John M. Stahl and Hollywood Melodrama  by Bruce Babington (Editor), Charles Barr (Editor) The profusion of research on film history means that there are now few Hollywood filmmakers in the category of Neglected Master; John M Stahl (1886–1950) has been stuck in it for far too long. His strong association […]

French Queer Cinema: by Nick Rees-Roberts 

Whilst there is growing research on representations of queer sexualities in France, this is the first comprehensive study of the cultural formation and critical reception of contemporary queer film and video.

French Cinema: Biblio

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Comedy: Biblio

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