French Extreme Cinema: Cinema of the Body–Select Biblio

Bibliography Amner, D. (October 24, 2007). Horror’s new Frontiere(s). Eye for Film. Access date: April 7, 2012. Augustine, S., “The 8 Most Disturbing Films of The New Wave of French Horror”, Green Cine, June 17, 2008. Barry, R. (February 12, 2012). Finding the French Gothic: The   Monk Reviewed. The Quietus. Access date: March 19, […]

1 Levy: DVDs NYC

April 11, 2022: Levy: DVDs NYC James Bond Box Universal (2 boxes) Individual Bond Films   Hitchcock The Lodger Box: 12 films   A to Z Ackerman, Chantal: From the Other Side; South Ailey Amores Perros (prof) A Monster Calls August: Osage County (FYC) Cache (FYC) Crash (Cronenberg, p) Great Beauty, The Hidden Figures Jackie […]

1 Levy: Movie Clubs Titles (Cineliteracy)

April 6, 2022 Movie Clubs: Titles Film Matters (FM) Movies Matter (MM) Movie Lovers Unite MLU) Film Lovers Unite (FLU) Cinema Lovers Unite (MLU) Movie Happy Hour (MHH) Get Pic: Movies Matter (Get Lit) Cinematic Red Cineliteracy Club The goal of our association is to become or get “literate,” knowledgeable and more fluent in film […]

1 Border-Crossing: Strangers in Paradise (Foreign Directors in Hollywood)

Jan 15, 2022 Crossing Borders: Strangers in Paradise Border-Crossing: Strangers in Paradise Foreign Filmmakers in Hollywood British Hitchcock, Alfred Denmark: Auguste, Bille French Schroeder, Barbet   German Lang Lubitsch Murnau Hungary Curtiz, Michael Szabo, Istvan Italian Wertmuller, Lina Mexican Del Toro   Spanish Swedish Bergman, Ingrid Troell, Ian  

1 Hollywood in Crisis: Cinema, Politics and Society

Research in progress, March 13, 2022 Hollywood in Crisis: Cinema, Politics and Society Hollywood Now! Everything’s Content Hollywood in the Age of Streaming Hollywood in the New Millennium Table of Contents: Organizational Structure Technology: F/X; IMAX Netflix Revolution Infantilization No Distinction between Film and TV End of Movie Stardom No More Heroes No More Genres […]