Film Theory: Feminism–Marjorie Rosen’s “Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies and the American Dream”

Marjorie Rosen is American author, journalist, screenwriter, and professor, known for her 1973 book Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies and the American Dream.

Oscar Directoirs: Capra, Frank–Select Bibliio

Nov 12, 2022 Biblio: Capra, Frank (1971). Frank Capra, The Name Above the Title. New York: The Macmillan Company. McBride, Joseph (1992). Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success. New York: Simon & Schuster. Scherle, Victor; Levy, William Turner (1977). The Films of Frank Capra. Secaucus: The Citadel Press. Scott, Ian (2006). In Capra’s Shadow. Lexington: […]

Movie Stars: Biblio, Theory, Jeremy Butler’s Star Texts (Bogart)

Geremy Butler, Star Texts Wayne State University Press, 1991. 382pp pages Theories of film and television have traditionally neglected the significance of performance and the many functions of the screen star’s image. Editing, framing, composition, and camera movement concerned early theorists more than theater-based acting. What was lost in this emphasis on elements of film […]

Popular Culture: Essential Books–Your God is Alive and Well and Appearing in Popular Culture, by John Wiley Nelson  

Through mediums like Westerns, country music, and detective novels, John Nelson explains how we internalize our American values without even knowing it.

Queer Cinema: Contemporary France–Five Directors

Jacques Martineau, Olivier Ducastel, Alain Guiraudie, Sébastien Lifshitz and Céline Sciamma. The films of these five major French directors exemplify queer cinema in the twenty-first century. Comprehensive in scope, Queer cinema in contemporary France traces the development of the meaning of queer across these directors’ careers, from their earliest, often unknown films to their later, […]