Cinema 1934: You Must Remember This…..Events, Trends, Movies, Stars

Cineliteracy: What You Need to Know about 1934 as a Movie Year?

Oscars: Shocking Upsets

The 96-year-old Academy has seen its share of controversial moments. While some wins were anticipated by few, others left audiences and critics baffled.

Oscars 2024: Acting Categories–4 Happy Members

Four happy members of the 2024 acting category 

Oscars 2024: Highlights–Five Oscar-Winning Actors Presenting Award to their Peers

Mary Steenburgen, from left, Lupita Nyong’o, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rita Moreno and Regina King, all former winners, present the award for this year’s Best Supporting Actress.

Oscar Directors: Filmmakers with Biggest Number of Oscar Winning Actors in their Films

Jonathan Demme Directed 4 Oscar Winners Jonathan Demme made movies that, while full of humanity, were also able to delve into the dark abysses of the human condition. He only won one Oscar for Best Director for his 1991 Best Picture-winning The Silence of the Lambs. Oscars  Four actors from Jonathan Demme’s films made their […]