Oscar Movies: Roma by Alfonso Cuaron

Roma (2018) Photo : Image by Alfonso Cuarón Studio: Netflix Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón Produced by: Gabriela Rodríguez and Alfonso Cuarón Written by: Alfonso Cuarón Stars: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira Oscar Wins: 3 Directing, cinematography (Cuaron), international feature (Mexico) The scene that proves it: “Shopping for a crib” Netflix’s emotional drama centers on Cleo (Aparicio), a […]

Oscar 1999: Best Picture Nominees–Number of Nominations

The Five Nominees were: American Beauty, 8 nominations (winner) The Cider House Rules, 7 The Insider, 7 The Sixth Sense, 6 The Green Mile, 4  

Oscar 2004: Foreign Language Film–Nominees vs. Popular Films

Top Grossing Foreign Language Films in the US: Good Bye, Lenin

Oscar 2007: Foreign Language Nominees–Analysis and Evaluation

Analysis of the five nominees for the Foreign-Language Oscar shows that most deal with war, and that with the exception of one, Beaufort, they are all made by major, familiar directors, such as Wajda, Mikhalkov, and Bodrov.

Oscar Impact: Typecasting–Second Bananas

The second kind of typecasting is most severely felt by supporting actors, who are doomed for the rest of their careers to play second bananas. In some respects, the Academy itself is responsible for such typecasting, making the distinction between leading and character players official in the Academy Players Directory, the industry's chief casting tool. Until the late 1970s, players who won or were nominated for supporting awards tended to remain in this category.