Greatness: Bill Dorris’s The Arrival of The Fittest: How The Great Become Great

Bill Dorris’s book, The Arrival of The Fittest: How The Great Become Great (2009), address the role of chance over the course of development, the importance of the development of unique personal characteristics to achieving greatness, and the influence of changes in the wider worlds surrounding the person–from interpersonal to societal–on an individual’s development.

100 Books: 100 Texts That Influenced My Thinking and Scholarship–Jacques Ellul, Propaganda

Propaganda of agitation seeks to mobilize people in order to destroy the established order or government. It seeks rebellion by provoking a crisis or unleashing explosive movements.

Actors: Bibliography

Select Biblio of books about actors and stars.

Film Criticism: Theory and Practice–Course Offered at Columbia, NYU, UCLA Film Schools

The major goal of this course is to demonstrate what is distinctive about American Film Criticism in theory as well practice by placing it in broader socio-historical and comparative perspectives.

Levy: Screenplays (A to Z)

Updated April 8, 2020 Collection (A to Z) Arrival Aviator Beasts of No Nation Big Sick, The Bombshell Booksmart Can You Ever Forgive Me Divine Bell and the Butterfly, The Door in the Floor, The   Share this: