1 Bogey, Cary, Duke: Add–Screen Name (Screen Role)

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Bogey: Screen Names

Title Year Role Notes

1930: 2

A Devil with Women, Tom Standish, Fox Film

Up the River, Steve Jordan, Fox Film


1931: 4

Bad Sister, Valentine Corliss, Universal, distributed by Warner

A Holy Terror, Steve Nash, Fox Film

Body and Soul, Jim Watson, Fox Film

Women of All Nations, Stone; Fox Film, UCLA Film & Television Archive


1932: 3

Big City Blues, Shep Adkins, Warner

Three on a Match, Harve, Warner

Love Affair, Jim Leonard, Columbia Pictures


1933: No Films


1934: 1


Midnight, Gar Boni (aka Call It Murder), Universal Pictures


1935: No Films


1936: 5

The Petrified Forest, Duke Mantee, Warner

Bullets or Ballots, Nick “Bugs” Fenner Warner

Two Against the World, Sherry Scott (aka One Fatal Hour), Warner

China Clipper, Hap Stuart, First National Pictures

Isle of Fury, Valentine “Val” Stevens, Warner


1937: 7

Black Legion, Frank Taylor, Warner

The Great O’Malley, John Phillips Warner

Marked Woman, District Attorney David Graham, Warner

San Quentin, Joe “Red” Kennedy, Warner

Kid Galahad, Turkey Morgan, Warner

Dead End, Hugh “Baby Face” Martin, Samuel Goldwyn

Stand-In, Doug Quintain, Walter Wanger Productions


1938: 6

Swing Your Lady, Ed Hatch, Warner

Crime School, Deputy Commissioner Mark Braden, Warner

Men Are Such Fools, Harry Galleon, Warner

Racket Busters, Pete “Czar” Martin Warner

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, “Rocks” Valentine Warner

Angels with Dirty Faces, James Frazier, Warner


1939: 7

King of the Underworld, Joe Gurney, Warner

The Oklahoma Kid, Whip McCord, Warner

You Can’t Get Away with Murder, Frank Wilson, Warner

Dark Victory, Michael O’Leary, Warner

The Roaring Twenties, George Hally, Warner

The Return of Doctor X, Dr. Maurice Xavier (aka Marshall Quesne), Warner

Invisible Stripes, Chuck Martin, Warner

1940: 4


They Drive by Night, Paul Fabrini, Warner

Virginia City, John Murrell, Warner

It All Came True, Grasselli, aka Chips Maguire, Warner

Brother Orchid, Jack Buck, Warner


1941: 3

High Sierra, Roy Earle, Warner

The Wagons Roll at Night, Nick Coster, Warner

The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade, debut of Sydney Greenstreet, Warner


1942: 4

All Through the Night Alfred ‘Gloves’ Donahue, Warner

The Big Shot, Joseph “Duke” Berne, Warner

Across the Pacific 1942 Rick Leland, Warner

Casablanca, Rick Blaine, Best Actor Oscar Nominee, Warner

1943: 3

Action in the North Atlantic, Lt. Joe Rossi, Warner

Sahara, Sgt. Joe Gunn, Columbia Pictures

Thank Your Lucky Stars, Himself Warner


1944: 2

Passage to Marseille, Jean Matrac, Warner

To Have and Have Not, Harry “Steve” Morgan (Bacall’s debut film), Warner


1945: 1

Conflict, Richard Mason, Warner


1946: 1

The Big Sleep, Philip Marlowe, Warner

(preserved at the UCLA Film & Television Archive)


1947: 3

Dead Reckoning, Capt. Warren “Rip” Murdock, Columbia

The Two Mrs. Carrolls, Geoffrey Carroll, Warner

Dark Passage, Vincent Parry, Warner


1948: 3

Always Together, Himself, Warner

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Fred C. Dobbs, Warner

Key Largo 1948, Frank McCloud, Warner

1949: 3

Knock on Any Door, Andrew Morton, Santana Productions,

(Bogart’s company founded in 1948; preserved at UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Tokyo Joe, Joseph “Joe” Barrett, Santana Productions

Chain Lightning, Lt. Col. Matthew “Matt” Brennan, Warner


1950: 1

In a Lonely Place, Dixon Steele, Santana Productions; National Film Registry in 2007

1951: 3

The Enforcer, Dist. Atty. Martin Ferguson, United States Pictures (Preserved at the UCLA Film & Television Archive)

Sirocco, Harry Smith, Santana Productions

The African Queen, Charlie Allnut, Best Actor Oscar Winner,
United Artists

1952: 1

Deadline – U.S.A. Ed Hutcheson. Fox Film


1953: 2

Battle Circus, Maj. Jed Webbe, MGM

Beat the Devil, Billy Dannreuther, Romulus Films, Santana Pictures Corporation


1954: 3

The Caine Mutiny, Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg, Best Actor Oscar Nominee, Columbia

Sabrina, Linus Larrabee, Paramount

The Barefoot Contessa, Harry Dawes Figaro, UA

1955: 3

We’re No Angels, Joseph. Paramount

The Left Hand of God, James “Jim” Carmody, Fox Film

The Desperate Hours. Glenn Griffin, Paramount


1956: 1

The Harder They Fall, Eddie Willis, Columbia


Bogey’s Screen Names

Sam Spade

Philip Marlowe

Eddie Willis (Harder They Fall); Ed

Charlie Allnut

Harry Smith (Sirocco); Harry Dawes (Barefoot Contessa)

Joe Rossi; Joe Gunn

Rick Blaine, Casablanca

Steve Jordan; Steve Nash


Cary Grant Filmography

(by Year, and from A to Z)

Year Title Role


This Is the Night, Stephen Mathewson, Film debut

Devil and the Deep, Lieutenant Jaeckel

Sinners in the Sun, Ridgeway

Merrily We Go to Hell, Charlie Baxter

Singapore Sue First Sailor (uncredited) Short film

Blonde Venus, Nick Townsend

Hot Saturday, Romer Sheffield

Madame Butterfly, Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton, Lieutenant Jaeckel



She Done Him Wrong, Capt. Cummings

The Woman Accused, Jeffrey Baxter

The Eagle and the Hawk, Henry Crocker

Gambling Ship, Ace Corbin

I’m No Angel, Jack Clayton

Alice in Wonderland, The Mock Turtle



Thirty-Day Princess, Porter Madison III

Born to Be Bad, Malcolm Trevor

Kiss and Make-Up, Dr. Maurice Lamar

Ladies Should Listen, Julian De Lussac



Enter Madame, Gerald Fitzgerald

Wings in the Dark, Ken Gordon

The Last Outpost, Michael Andrews

Sylvia Scarlett, Jimmy Monkley



Big Brown Eyes Det. Sgt. Danny Barr

Suzy, Andre Charville

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, Ernest Bliss (aka Romance and Riches)

The Amazing Adventure

Wedding Present, Charlie Mason


When You’re in Love, Jimmy Hudson (UK title: For You Alone)

Topper, George Kerby

The Toast of New York, Nicholas “Nick” Boyd

The Awful Truth, Jerry Warriner



Bringing Up Baby, Dr. David Huxley

Holiday, John “Johnny” Case



Gunga Din Sgt. Archibald Cutter

Only Angels Have Wings, Geoff Carter

In Name Only, Alec Walker



His Girl Friday, Walter Burns

My Favorite Wife, Nick

The Howards of Virginia, Matt Howard (UK: The Tree of Liberty)

The Philadelphia Story, C. K. Dexter Haven


Penny Serenade Roger Adams Nominated, Best Actor

Suspicion, Johnnie


The Talk of the Town Leopold Dilg a.k.a. Joseph

Once Upon a Honeymoon Patrick “Pat” O’Toole


Mr. Lucky Joe Adams/Joe Bascopolous

Destination Tokyo, Capt. Cassidy


Once Upon a Time Jerry Flynn

Arsenic and Old Lace Mortimer Brewster

None but the Lonely Heart, Ernie Mott, Nominated Best Actor


Night and Day, Cole Porter

Notorious, T.R. Devlin


The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, Dick Nugent (UK: Bachelor Knight)

The Bishop’s Wife, Dudley


Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Jim Blandings

Every Girl Should Be Married Dr. Madison W. Brown


I Was a Male War Bride Capt. Henri Rochard UK title: You Can’t Sleep Here


Crisis, Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson


People Will Talk, Dr. Noah Praetorius


Room for One More, George “Poppy” Rose

Monkey Business Dr. Barnaby Fulton


Dream Wife, Clemson Reade


To Catch a Thief, John Robie


An Affair to Remember, Nickie Ferrante

The Pride and the Passion, Anthony

Kiss Them for Me, Cmdr. Andy Crewson


Indiscreet, Philip Adams

Houseboat, Tom Winters



North by Northwest, Roger O. Thornhill

Operation Petticoat Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman



The Grass Is Greener, Victor Rhyall, Earl



That Touch of Mink, Philip Shayne



Charade, Peter Joshua-Alexander Dyle-Adam Canfield–Brian Cruikshank


Father Goose, Walter Christopher Eckland


Walk, Don’t Run, Sir William Rutland (final film role)

Cary Grant–Filmography (A to Z)

Affair to Remember, An

Alice in Wonderland

Arsenic and Old Lace

Awful Truth, The

Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, The

Big Brown Eyes

Bishop’s Wife, The

Blonde Venus

Born to Be Bad

10. Bringing Up Baby



Destination Tokyo

Devil and the Deep, The

Dream Wife

Eagle and the Hawk, The

Enter Madam

Every Girl Should Be Married

Father Goose

20. Gambling Ship

Grass Is Greener, The

Gunga Din

His Girl Friday


Hot Saturday


Howards of Virginia, The

I’m No Angel

In Name Only

30. Indiscreet

I Was a Male War Bride

Kiss and Make Up

Kiss Them for Me

Ladies Should Listen

Last Output, The

Madame Butterfly

Merrily We Go to Hell

Monkey Business

Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House

40. Mr. Lucky

My Favorite Wife

Night and Day

None But the Lonely Heart

North by Northwest


Once Upon a Honeymoon

One Upon a Time

Only Angels Have Wings

Operation Petticoat

50. Penny Serenade

People Will Talk

Philadelphia Story, The

Pride and the Passion, The

Romance and Riches

Room for One More

She Done Him Wrong

Sinners in the Sun



60. Sylvia Scarlett

Talk of the Town

That Touch of Mink

Thirty-Day Princess

This is the Night

Toast of New York

To Catch a Thief


Walk, Don’t Run

Wedding Present

70. When You’re in Love

Wings in the Dark

72. Woman Accused


Screen Names: Recurrent

Baxter, Charles; Baxter




Johnny (Suspicion); John Robbie (To Catch a Thief)


Philip, Indiscreet, That Touch of Mink




Dr. Maurice Lamar

Dr. Barnaby Fultonm, Monkey Business

Dr. David Huxley, Bringing Up Baby


Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton

Lieutenant Jaeckel

Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman, Operation Petticoat

Cmdr. Andy Crewson, Kiss Them for Me,


Foreign Names

Dr. Maurice Lamar

Julian De Lussac


Year Title Role Location Notes


Better Times – Hippodrome Theatre Performer


Golden Dawn Anzac Hammerstein’s Theatre


Boom Boom Reggie Phipps Casino Theatre


A Wonderful Night Max Grunewald Majestic Theatre


The Street Singer


Nikki Cary Lockwood Longacre Theatre & George M. Cohan’s Theatre

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