All These Sons, directed by Bing Liu, Joshua Altman. Produced by Zak Piper, Kelsey Carr, Bing Liu, Joshua Altman. (US) – World Premiere.

On Chicago’s South and West sides, the scourge of guns and gangs is destroying lives. Taking matters into their own hands, two men dedicate their lives educating, empowering and healing young Black men at high risk for being victims—or perpetrators—of deadly gun-violence.

Ascension, directed by Jessica Kingdon. Produced by Kira Simon-Kennedy, Jessica Kingdon, Nathan Truesdell. (US) – World Premiere.

Ascension explores the pursuit of the “Chinese Dream Driven by mesmerizingand sometimes humorousimagery, this documentary presents a contemporary vision of China that prioritizes productivity and innovation above all.

In Chinese with English subtitles.

Blind Ambition, directed by Robert Coe, Warwick Ross, written by Warwick Ross, Robert Coe, Paul Murphy, Madeleine Ross. Produced by Warwick Ross, Robert Coe. (Australia) – World Premiere.

The inspiring story of four Zimbabwean men who form their country’s first Wine Tasting Olympics team and the mission that drives them to compete.

In English, Shona with English subtitles.

Fathom, directed by Drew Xanthopoulos. Produced by Megan Gilbride. (United States) – World Premiere.

Filmmaker & cinematographer Drew Xanthopoulos has made immersive and sensorial film that follows researchers working to decode the communication of humpback whales. With Dr. Michelle Fournet, Dr. Ellen Garland.

An Apple TV+ release.

The Kids, directed by Eddie Martin. Produced by Shannon Swan. (Australia) – World Premiere.

Twenty-six years after indie cult classic Kids was released, this documentary explores the divergent paths of the original cast, with unflinching look back at one of the most iconic films of the 1990s.

Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres, written, directed and produced by Suzanne Joe Kai. (US) – World Premiere.

Suzanne Joe Kai’s documentary shows how the Rolling Stone writer and editor defined the cultural zeitgeist of the ’60s and ’70s.

With Ben Fong-Torres, Cameron Crowe, Annie Leibovitz, Carlos Santana, Elton John, Steve Martin, Bob Weir, Quincy Jones, and more.

On the Divide, directed and written by Leah Galant, Maya Cueva. Produced by Diane Becker, Melanie Miller, Amanda Spain, Elizabeth Woodward. (US) – World Premiere.

On the Divide illuminates the lives of three Latinx people in McAllen Texas, whose different beliefs clash at the last abortion clinic in the US/Mexico border.

In English, Spanish with English subtitles.

The Scars of Ali Boulala, directed by Max Eriksson, written by Max Eriksson, Mikel Cee Karlsson. Produced by Mario Adamson, Ashley Smith. (Sweden, Norway) – World Premiere.

In Max Eriksson’s audacious debut, Swedish skateboarding prodigy Ali Boulala—alongside other pros like Rune Glifberg and Arto Saari—looks back on the DIY videos and fast-paced lifestyle of his coming-of-age in the ’90s skating scene.

With Ali Boulala, Rune Glifberg, Arto Saari, Ewan Bowman, Dustin Dollin, Kevin “Spanky” Long.

In English, Finnish, Swedish with English subtitles.