Movie Genres: Horror–Select Biblio

Research in Progress (May 5, 2021) Mank, Gregory William (1998). Hollywood’s Maddest Doctors. A Biography of Lionel Atwill, Colin Clive and George Zucco. Baltimore: Midnight Marquee Press. Smith, Ronald L. (2010). Horror stars on radio, The broadcast histories of 29 chilling Hollywood voices. Jefferson NC: McFarland. Pitts, Michael R. (9 January 2002). Horror Film Stars […]

Israel: Movie Theaters–Cinema Fox to Tel Aviv Theatre

Tel-Aviv Theatre Pinsker,  Tel Aviv Closed, Demolished 3 screens 1,90o seats Previously operated by: Fox Theatres Architects: Drew Eberson Styles: Streamline Moderne Previous Names: Fox Theatre Planned in 1949, construction began in August 1955. The Fox Theatre was opened in the heart of Tel-Aviv in 1956, and for many years was the biggest single screen […]

Truffle Hunters: The Nature and Mystique of Delicate Products, their Suppliers and Buyers

The documentary “Truffle Hunters” offers a true meditation on nature and food.

Cliff Walkers: Yimou–Photo

Cliff Walkers: Film Review   CMC Pictures ‘Cliff Walkers’

Oscar 1934: How Claudette Colbert was at Union Station on the Night of the Awards

Oscar Show 1935: How Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night) was Dragged from Union Station the Night of the 7th Awards