Mank: Director Fincher Praises Netflix

An important shift is taking place in the entertainment industry, as streaming services such as Netflix have begun to overshadow traditional theatrical distributors. Some directors, who cherish having their movies projected on the widest of screens, bemoan the change. Fincher embraces it. “Let’s be real: The exhibition experience is not the shining link in the […]

White Lotus: Season 2 Will Be Set in Sicily 

The anticipated second season of Mike White’s “The White Lotus” will be filmed in Sicily, confirming previous reports that Season 2 of the HBO show will take place in Italy. 

Crown, The: Humayun Saeed Cast as Princess Diana’s Companion Dr. Hasnat Khan in Season 5

Pakistani star Humayun Saeed has been cast as Dr. Hasnat Khan in Season 5 of hit Netflix series The Crown. 

Oscar Actors: Poitier, Sidney–Filmography (Actor, Director, TV)

Sidney Poitier Filmography Actor 1947 Sepia Cinderella Extra Uncredited 1949 From Whence Cometh My Help Himself Documentary 1950 No Way Out Dr. Luther Brooks 1951 Cry, the Beloved Country Reverend Msimangu 1952 Red Ball Express Cpl. Andrew Robertson 1954 Go Man Go Inman Jackson 1955 Blackboard Jungle Gregory W. Miller 1956 Good-bye, My Lady Gates […]

Cannes Film Fest 2022: PMC Buys the American Pavilion

PMC, co-parent of The Hollywood Reporter, has picked up the hospitality and media center, long a fixture at the Cannes Film Festival.