Ride or Die: Passionate and Sensual Lesbian Road Movie (LGBTQ)

Ride or Die: passionate and sensual road movie from Japan

Ride Or Die (Kanojyo)
Aiko Nakano/NETFLIX

In the spirit of Thelma and Louise, a lesbian fugitive and the woman she’d kill for hit the road with a red BMW in Ride or Die.

This erotically-charged amour fou is directed by Ryuichi Hirokiand written by Nami Kikkawa.

Seeing full-blooded female protagonists is a rarity in Japan’s studio-dominated entertainment industry, which explains its liberating energy.

Based on the manga “Gunjo” (Ultramarine) by Ching Nakamura, the film stars actor-model Kiko Mizuhara (“Norwegian Wood”) and actor-musician Honami Sato.

The two celebs’ graphic sex scenes and full-frontal nudity are bound to be controversial, but the audacity and ardor Mizuhara and Sato generated on screen show their commitment.