Oscar Speeches/Reactions: Grant, Richard E. (Supp. Nominee)–Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Impact of Oscar Nomination:

Richard Grant: Because I’ve been around for four decades, I had no delusions that whatever heat that came would disappear almost as quickly. That made it even all the more precious and enjoyable. The great advantage that the other four nominees in my category had that year was that it was clear, right from the get-go, that Mahershala Ali was the favored guy. That meant we could enjoy the ride without thinking, “Oh my God, I’d better have a speech just in case.” It became a running joke. We used to say to each other, “Have you got your speech?” We’d go, “Yeah, here it is. I’d like to thank Mahershala Ali.” Mahershala was such a great gentleman, such a sport about this.

Mahershala did win his second Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Green Book, which also won Best Picture.

Grant: From that point of view, it meant that it was a ride of a lifetime for me. I grew up in the smallest country in the Southern hemisphere, which has recently been renamed Eswatini from Swaziland. The idea that you could come from there and be in a movie or succeed in making a career as an actor was so remote that running around the Oscars and that whole awards circuit was just an out-of-body experience. It felt like an ongoing party to me, and I loved it.