Genius: Concept, Definitions–Talent Vs. Mediocrity

Edison’s motto:

“Genius  is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine prespiration.”


Geniuses stand  beyond the texture of their historical circumstances; they shape circumstances.

Why we have so few geniuses around to remake the tenor of our times.

Owen Meredith, Last Words of a Sensitive Second-Rate Poet:

“Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can.

Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle, The Valley of Fear:

“mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

Leo Rosten, Hollywood Historian:

“First-rate people hire first-rate people; second-rate people hire third-rate people.”

Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds  discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1841;

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”