And God

Ext: tracking shot

Jurgens arrive in convertible She is behind laundry sheets; only legs; then they talk

he gives her toy car, red

she sings: I’m gold digger

reproached by older woman: little slut


Older man on wheel chair

BB, hair pulled up;

BB leaves with biks; from behind

ET KJ in white convertible

In: Bar

he climbs up; office, new project; 2 men

Tadieu shipyard; they don’t want to sell, older brother

Int: Bus

BB stops bus; she has flat; she pets dog, black poodle

BB leans against Antoine

A: going to dance tonight

She: I alwways do


Shipyard, A kisses his mother, J.L. Trint introduced in blue with hammer

A, white shirt and tie

A: you’re well informed

INT: Book store

BB dances with another girl, dress with buttons in front

INT: KJ Office

KJ and Ant

KJ: your biz is dying; I need answer in 2 months

Colleague to KJ: raise your offer

INT Dance

BB in red dress

Ant arrives and dances with BB

JLT and younger brother observe

A to BB: I dont feel like talking, but then I want to kiss you

A: Im taking u to Toulon; can u come

would you kiss me? BBkisses him; they holf tiht

JLT told you need to be sure with women; he’s shy

Ant: not here; I’ll meet u at harbor

Int: BB in bathroom

BB overheard A talks about her as girl you forget; she’s good for one night

Ext: Night

BB in Marina; gets into boat; KJ there; he introduces her

Ant outside

man plays darts; injured her finger

KJ kisses her hand; Bb lies in bed dressed

KJ: Why did u come? BB dpesntanswer

BB: Is A still there? I dont give a damn

BB she sorts out

KJ: She’s brave to do what she wants when she wants it

EXT: BB and Ant; she gets her bikes; he stops her and kisses her againt the whote convertible

They kiss standing; BB: a demain; I’ll wait at the bus

INT: man wheelchair; BB comes back

She feeds rabbit, talks to cat

Older wo: I’ll report to the board


EX: BB in blue coat holding bird cage, release bird and rabbit

Bus passes by, doesn’t stop; inside An talking to Vadim

BB upset looking for pets

EXT: Marina

KJ I wonder what she looks for

INT: Bookstore

Exchange with older om

BB: I didn’t know love was a disease

little girl enters the store


KJ tod he can buy them off

EXT: Cemetery

Tardieuu, tombstone, died in 1954


KJ and 3 brothers

KJ: She needs somone to pay attention, guide her

They talk about BB: she likes to play game

INT Bookstore

BB and JLTrint

BB: I’m closing.

JLT: can you stya for another job?

EXT: BB on bike with JLT

He: marriage; she who would want me: I like to have fun


I’ve never spoken about myself so much.

He proposes I am sure I can make you happy

JLT: What are afraid of? BB: of me

BB: Can you imagine your mother’s face when she hears?

INT: his mother never

JLT told she is like an animal, needs to be tamed; you’re not man enough

JLT and BB in wedding gown

CUp of BB 9not many CUps)

0;35: Int: Church ceremony wedding

Ext: Ant leaves; JLT and BB in wedding gown

They walk along the streets; coffees hops

JLT is being teased: The hsband’s got horns; JLT punches man; gets beaten by brute

BB: I didn’t know u h were brave; she still in wedding gown, but barefoot


INT: Dinner table set; his mom upset

BB and JLT goe upstairs; she unbuttons her dress; she throws dress at him; they kiss

BB and JLT in bed naked; she puts a robe; goes down to diner, attended by 2 families

BB serves herself food on tray and goes upstairs


EXT: Marina long shot, boats


0:43 minutes

BB in skirt and tight red sweather

BB: cha cha cha on radio

BB to girl: Id like to make Michel Happy


JLT by window; BB sitting at window


KJ: minitry agrees bu we need to move fast


JLT and BB, she’s bathing; then puts on slacks and tight light blue shirt; no bras

BB: you’re handsome, you always have to smile


KJ told she alywas come to play jukebox


INT: Bar

BB listens to music; KJ descens; he gives her coin to play music

KJ: we are made of the same cloth

BB: you can lie; I can’t

KJ: I offer them 30 percemt

CU of shirt, see thu it her breasts

KJ touches her hair; down

KJ” One day you’ll want more; I’ll wait

She’s barefoot, leaves

KJ plays jukebox, same song

INT: office Ant

Ant observes BB from window as she plays with dog

Ant leaves

JLT to BB: we are rich


BB to KJ ont let Ant come back

INT: BB, Ant, JLT; BB sits on laps of JLT; red sweather

BB announces: I’m going to bed, goes upstairs


BB to JLT: Tell me that you love me, that you need me; dark blue dress


BB hair up teases KJ with a gun; he pulls her

Ant and JLT whats going on

KJ to Ant: when it comes toemale pyshcology ur stuck i the stone age


BB blue short, no skir or underwear; top of pajama?

she lies in bed wih photo of her wedding; Ant comes in in undershirt; Ant get out; then An lies in bed

0: 61

INT: JLT with mom knitting; Ant there, BB in tight white shirt

Tel rings but no voice; it’s KJ


KJ and casino? playimg cards

KJ what do u need to get woman. Told fur, jewels, mansion


BB in bed, JLT dressed kissed her back

EXT Shipyard


BB tries to operate boat; Ant drives his jeep on the beach; swims to her boat; boat goes on fire

; he pushes her into water; they swim together as boat up in flames

BB she clings to him; don’t leave me


long shot of beach; two of them collapse; she walks toward him; robe almostwide open; she puts leg on his neck; then lies suggestively; he leaves, goes into bushes; she follows; they kiss against tree; he outs her down

we dont see sex; aftterwards; h’ shirtleess; shebuttons up


BB in bed, fever; younger brother ccomes in

BB Im very miserable

Downstairs, An: what does he do in her room?

70 min

Ant kick out young bra

MOm to JLT I need to talk to u

he bouht her lamp; good boy

Mom: she has to leave


JLT goes into room; BB no longer there


BB in black shirt, green skirt and sjirt walking

JLT rushes out; she walsk alone

76 mins

INT bar: BB drinks; another drink

BB to gf: AM I crazy? going must be fever

Bar des amis

Ant: bitch whore to JLT

ANt who tolf you; JLT: maman

JLT: she’s my wife

JLT point guns, lets me out; give me the key; two brothers brawl

80 mins

jlt gets key and unlocks


BB goes down; black singers Calypso

BB begins to dance in hysteria with black; KJ comes in, tries to stop her

Skirt wide opne: black underwear; she dances in front of mirrir

EXT: JLT comes over

JLT I’d like to speak to u. She: No. continues to dance

JLT: Stop;  BB dances atop a table, touches herself

JLT I beg u; cries, pullsa gun

CUp of KJ

KJ You cant see she loves you.  JLT shoots him; then slaps her in the dace, she looks him back, straight in the eyes.

EXT: Road trucks, KJ and Ant in white convertible

KJ: That girl is made to destroy men

KJ: Michel is young; hell recover


BB and JLT hold hands and go in.  long shot of of semi-destroyed shabby houses.

90 mints: Fin