Take Me Home Huey: Docu about Making Sculptural Vietnam Helicopter Wins Auidence Award

Take Me Home Huey, a documentary film exploring the making of a sculptural helicopter installation of the same name by artist Steve Maloney, won the audience award at the 2017 Palm Springs Film Fest, which end today, January 16.

Steve Maloney produced the Take Me Home Huey documentary with filmmakers Alicia H. Brauns and Christine N. Steele.

Combining contemporary and historical footage, the film portrays the journey of a Medevac helicopter shot down in Vietnam to its resurrection and transformation into a colorful sculpture by the artist.

During the helicopter’s restoration, Dave Barron, co-founder of Light Horse Legacy (LHL), a nonprofit and USA Vietnam War Commemorative Partner focused on aiding veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, discovers the history of the helicopter and locates surviving crew.

As the iconic Huey 174 morphs from wounded war bird into vivid sculpture, viewers witness the power of art to heal surviving soldiers and families of the fallen.