Sin City: A Dame to Kill For–Sequel is One Big Long Bore

Despite the alluring title, change of leading man, shooting in 3D, and adding new faces like Eva Green, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is one flat and boring feature.

Did the Weinstein company wait for too long to make a sequel, again co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

Admittedly, even the first Sin City was always more of an exercise in style, what with its monochrome look, than substance.  It never created an exciting movie milieu by any standards, least of all by that juicy genre, film noir, to which the sequel desperately aspires to belong..

The sequel to the 2005 graphic novel adaptation is being distributed by the Weinstein Co. and will bow in 2,894 locations. Likely to get negative reviews, it may not even make $15 million when it debuts tomorrow, August 22.

The picture employs the same ripped from the funny pages aesthetic as its predecessor and brings back Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke along with directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (“Sin City’s” creator), but nearly a decade has passed since the first film came out and made $158.7 million globally.