Oscar 2017: Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies Roast Best icture Nominations

Honest Trailers produced by Screen Junkies has a new Oscar installment.

In this edition, Hollywood gets roasted for its selection of nine best picture nominees.

“They’ve got to stop releasing all these movies at the same time,” the voiceover mocks.

With only four days to go before Hollywood’s biggest night, the industry could probably use a couple lighthearted jokes.

The video runs through all the nominees, beginning with Arrival and moving onto Lion (“If you say you’ve seen this, you’re probably lyin’.”)

Hell or High Water gets the same treatment. Paired with clips of “True Grit,” the trailer promises viewers a chance to hear “that one grizzled cowboy voice Jeff Bridges does.”

“For a film that’s so entertaining, straightforward, and unpretentious, it has no chance of actually winning best picture,” says the voiceover.

Hidden Figures (retitled “Diary of a Black Math Woman”), the untold story of black women who worked as NASA scientists, took place during a less tolerant time. But fear not; “it won’t make white people feel too bad about themselves. See, Kevin Costner’s one of the good ones!”
Casey Affleck is called out for playing “a hard-drinking, irritable Boston man living in the shadow of his more successful older brother” in Manchester by the Sea.

“Watch what’s clearly a stage play Denzel Washington decided to film,” we hear of Fences. Perhaps it’s actually this theatricality that helped Washington and Viola Davis nab Oscar nods?

There’s also the self-aggrandizing “La La Land,” renamed “Hollywood Handjob.”