Live at Mister Kelly’s: Ted Bogosian’s Docu

The iconic Mister Kelly’s, once called a “supernova in the local and national night life,” defined and reinvigorated the legendary Chicago’s Rush Street and, by extension, American pop culture.
Live at Mister Kelly’s documents the rise and fall of one of American entertainment’s great proving grounds.
They set off to launch the then unknown talents like Barbra Streisand, Richard Pryor, Bob Newhart, Bette Midler and Steve Martin, all of whom would go on to have glorious careers.
Its owners George and Oscar Marienthal challenged race and gender barriers to put unknown, controversial voices on stage.
Their goal was to transform entertainment, as it prevailed for decades in America.
With the club long gone, and its star talent reaching its golden years, George’s son David and director-screenwriter, Theodore Bogosian, decided to chronicle the memories of the clubs before they are lost forever.
Celebrity interviews include Bob Newhart, the Smothers Brothers, Dick Gregory, Lainie Kazan, Herbie Hancock, Dick Cavett, Tim Reid, Fred Willard and Ramsey Lewis.
Through interviews, live footage, photos, music, and song, the docu sheds light on beloved and famous talents at the decisive moments when they got their careers breakthroughs.
Ultimately, the docu revolves around one intriguing concern: Cao you change the world with a joke or with a tune? And how do you do it?
Director and writer: Ted Bogosian
Producers: Bogosian, Scott Dummler
Release Date (Theaters):   Limited
Release Date (Streaming):
Runtime: 83 minutes
Distributor: Virgil Films