Emmy Awards 2022: Thank You Names Solicited in Advance, So Speeches Can Be More Personal 

The TV Academy notified nominees for the nationally televised Primetime Emmys that they can pre-submit 350 characters of thank-you’s, which will appear on the screen as they accept their statuette if they win.



A year after excessively long Primetime Emmy Award acceptance speech by The Queen’s Gambit’s Scott Frank was slammed on social media, the TV Academy is encouraging this year’s nominees to take advantage of a new method of shortening an acceptance speech.

People nominated for awards to be presented at the Primetime Emmys on Sept. 12, and their representatives, received a communication on Friday from the TV Academy notifying them that they can pre-submit thank-you names and messages — up to 350 characters — to appear on the screen if they win.

All you need to do is type your thank you names in the link below and hit send.”

Nominees are under no obligation to take advantage of this alternative method of offering thanks, and it seems likely that many will still opt to verbally express their appreciation to family, friends and colleagues.

The full text of the TV Academy’s communication appears below.

Congratulations on your nomination for the 74th Emmys. How incredible!

If you win (fingers crossed), we want to make sure you can speak from the heart and not feel pressure to remember to say all those important names when you are in the spotlight giving your acceptance speech.

So… this year, we are doing something different. During your speech, we will graphically list the names of your significants, executives, agents, etc. All you need to do is type your thank yous in the link below and hit send. By the way, if you are receiving your award as a group, please combine your thanks and only submit once. If you are nominated for more than one category, please submit to the link per category.

You have 350 characters to do with as you wish (PG, obviously). You are welcome to personalize it… “If you’re awake Tommy and Sukie, Daddy WON!… You can have a puppy!”

There’s a mock-up of how it will look below, and you will see the words on a monitor in front of you while you speak; so you can be assured your thanks will be broadcast!