Elections 2020: Jimmy Kimmel Sends ‘Monster President Back to Mar-A-Lago’

Jimmy Kimmel: “It Looks Like We’re Finally Sending This Monster Back to Mar-A-Lago”

Jimmy Kimmel Live

ABC/Randy Holmes
While election ballots were still being counted in many states across the country, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel offered his view about how the last day has gone down in the close race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.Kicking off Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host declared that the last 24 hours have been a “pollercoaster of emotions and nausea.” He quipped, “I thought if your election lasted more than 48 hours you were supposed to seek medical attention?” Then noting that there was no winner last night, he remembered that people are used to waiting for results amid this pandemic.

Clarifying that nothing is official yet, Kimmel pointed to Biden leaning toward a victory with the electoral college. “It isn’t official yet — but all signs are pointing to a Joe Biden win. Everyone seems to know it — everyone except for Donald Trump!” He referenced the unbelievability of Trump initiating lawsuits in multiple states where he is behind in the polls, or even ahead.

Kimmel also mentioned how Trump has claimed victories that are undecided, such as North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia. “You can’t claim the votes,” said the late-night host. “This is the electoral college, it’s not baggage at an airport carousel.”

Kimmel later said that he is “very happy — and relieved — that it looks like we’re finally sending this monster back to Mar-A-Lago – but I’m also… shocked that it was this close.”

The host called it “unimaginable” that close to half of American voters supported Trump, naming a list of things the president has done during the last four years such as “kowtowing to Vladimir Putin, cozying up to Kim Jong, putting children in cages, villainizing the press, hiding his tax returns, misleading us about COVID-19, dismantling the pandemic response, dismantling healthcare and calling neo-Nazis “very fine people.”

Kimmel labeled Trump a “liar” and a “cheat” who wants to stop counting thousands of legitimate votes. “And almost half us are apparently OK with that,” said the host.

As the counting process continues, Kimmel anticipated that Trump is going to make things as “difficult,” “painful” and “damaging” to the country as he possibly can. “Because he can’t admit that he is a loser.”