Dungeons and Dragons: Comic-Con–Official Trailer; Presentation; Chris Pine, Hugh Grant

‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and Hugh Grant Reopen Hall H at Delayed Comic-Con

Stars Chris Pine, Rege-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez and Sofia Lillis were also on hand for the first look at the Paramount and eOne project, including its debut trailer.


The masked convention goers were delighted by behind-the-scenes footage from the Northern Ireland set that saw stars Chris Pine, Rege-Jean Page, and Michelle Rodriguez clad in leather and armor and riding horses and surrounded by fantastical creatures in the D&D universe as well as massive fight sequences.

Team Guardians of the Galaxy at the 2016 convention.

Pine entered the stage with a high kick and high fives, followed by Rodriguez, Paige, Sophia Lillis, and Grant, the latter playing the film’s villain.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley — the duo behind sleeper hit Game Night — directed the movie and at the Hall H panel talked about their personal history with the game. “I have been an avid player since I was 14 years old when I acted on the show Freaks & Geeks,” said Daley, to generous applause. “Anyone who plays D&D knows it’s not just a game. It is the feeling you get when you play the game.”

“It was surprise to me I hadn’t found it until I was 42,” said Pine.

Rodriguez said she is playing a barbarian and that the movie brought back memories of “being a kid in a basement with friends just goofing off.”

Hugh Grant

The moderator joked that the acclaimed British actor had been a lifelong fan of the live-action role-playing game.

Said Rodriguez: “I think you mixed it up with S&M.”

“She is not wrong,” Grant batted back, teasing the audience with a well-timed pregnant pause. “I have been an enthusiastic dungeon master for some years. It’s a British pastime, a national sport almost.”

This was Grant’s first Comic-Con, which drew big applause. Deadpanned Grant, “We did try to come with Sense and Sensibility but were turned away.”

The D&D game is known for its war games, treasure hunts, camaraderie and reversals of fortune, in a fantasy setting that combines humans, elves, orcs and hundreds of other creatures. Plot details have long been kept under wraps and not much was given away during the panel.

“There is a lot of questing in the movie, I can tell you that,” said producer Jeremy Latcham. “There are a ton of Easter eggs loaded in there.”

Two Clips

Two clips were shown during the presentation: The first showed the heroes in a battle cemetery, resurrecting corpses on their quest for a special helmet. The second had Grant’s character overseeing a massive colosseum where the heroes were shown with other groups of questers, trying to make their way through a maze while being pursued by a homicidal jaguar-esque creature.

The directors noted that they tried to use as many practical effects as they had VFX work.

Also debuting at Hall H was the first trailer for the film, which has Pine’s character beginning, “We didn’t mean to unleash the greatest evil the world has ever known, but we are gonna fix it.”

The trailer, which was backed by Led Zepplin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” then flashed through massive fight sequences complete with an axe-wielding Rodriguez and creatures like owlbears and dragons, and was all finished off with a lute-playing Pine.

The cast also talked about the training that went into the production. “I had the best ass of my life,” joked Page of the training for the movie, where he plays a paladin. “We could wash clothes on them,” offered Rodriguez.

As for why he signed up for the project, Grant noted: “I hate all scripts. I am notoriously negative. And to my astonishment, I was sent a thing that really made me laugh.” He compared the movie to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The convention, which has been canceled or pared down for the past 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will see major studios like Marvel and Warner Bros./DC heading back to Hall H, and debuts with anticipated shows like Rings of Power and House of the Dragon.

Watch the trailer for Dungeons & Dragons below.