Django Unchained: Tarantino’s Western as TV Mini-Series

django_unchained_5Tarantino told an audience at the Cannes Film Festival that he’d like to release a four-hour miniseries of his hit spaghetti Western, “Django Unchained.”

The 2012 picture earned him a second Oscar for best original screenplay, and Christoph Waltz received a Supporting Actor Oscar for it..

“My idea is to cut together a four-hour version of ‘Django Unchained,’” he said on Friday. “But I wouldn’t show it like a four-hour movie. I would cut it up into hour chapters. Like a four-part miniseries. And show it on cable television. Show it like an hour at a time, each chapter.”

The Western, which some perceived as an exploitation flick about slavery, is 2 hours and 45 minutes long, but many scenes, including extra footage of Django’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), ended on the cutting room floor.

“People roll their eyes at a four-hour movie,” he said. “But a four-hour miniseries that they like, then they are dying to watch all four parts. That’s how I thought it could work.”

This could very well just be a pipe dream à la “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” — Tarantino’s plan to release an uncut single film combining both versions of “Kill Bill” — but it could also be the first step to setting the plan in motion.

Tarantino works on a new draft of his Western “The Hateful Eight,” which reportedly starts filming in November.