Von Trier, Lars: Career–Cannes Film Fest Director

Lars Von Trier’s Bio

Lars von Trier graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 1983.

He first made a name for himself, domestically and internationally, with the “Europa Trilogy”: “The Element of Crime” (1984), “Epidemic” (1987) and “Europa” (1991).

The TV-series “The Kingdom” became, with its mixture of thrill and comedy, von Trier’s commercial breakthrough.

In 1995 von Trier presented together with Thomas Vinterberg the Dogme ’95 Manifesto with its ‘Vow of Chastity’s’ Ten Commandments.

Lars von Trier’s second trilogy, the “Heart of Gold” trilogy, consists of the films “Breaking the Waves” (1996), “The Idiots” (1998) and “Dancer in the Dark” (2000).

All of Lars von Trier’s films have been selected for the Cannes Film Fest. He has won the Jury’s First Prize for “Breaking the Waves,” and the Palme d’Or for “Dancer in the Dark.”

All of his features and TV productions have won many other international awards.

Lars von Trier is currently working on his third trilogy, USA: Land of Opportunity. “Dogville” was the first film in the series, and “Manderlay,” which premiered in May 2005 at the Cannes Film Festival, is the second.