Preminger, Otto: Three of his Best Movies

Three by Otto Preminger

Renowned for his coolly objective style, daringly ambiguous moral complexity, and willingness to tackle taboo themes, classic Hollywood titan (or tyrant, to many of those who worked under him) Otto Preminger pushed the boundaries of the Production Code to create some of the most sophisticated and provocative films of the studio era.

The Criterion Channel selection of three of his finest—the luxuriantly bittersweet melodrama Bonjour tristesse, the gripping James Stewart crime procedural Anatomy of a Murder, and the menacing existential mystery Bunny Lake Is Missing—showcases both his range and the singular, relentlessly probing sensibility that unifies Preminger’s work.

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958
Anatomy of a Murder, 1959
Bunny Lake Is Missing, 1965