Oscar Directors: Curtiz, Michael–Auteur, Vision, Common Themes and Characters

Some common themes, characteristics, and roles in the films of Michael Curtiz, the vet and versatile director, who had made more than 100 pictures, in Hungary and the U.S.

Communities under dictatorial control, and people who rebel (Captain BloodRobin HoodDodge CityCasablanca) related (Essex and Tyrone rebel: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, corrupt household: The Unsuspected)

Doctors as community leaders, rebels (Captain BloodDodge City)

Women business owners (auto factory: Female, Queen Elizabeth: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, restaurant chain: Mildred Pierce)

Working women (reporter: Dodge City, radio director: The Unsuspected)

Kept, upper crust acting men (executives: Female, Zachary Scott: Mildred Pierce) related (Essex and Raleigh as Queen’s lovers: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex)

Gay friends in love with the hero (Tex: Dodge City, police chief: Casablanca)

Political songs in public performances (Marching Through Georgia: Dodge City; La Marseillaise: Casablanca; Grand Old Flag, Over There: Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Media enterprises (newspaper: Dodge City, play production: Yankee Doodle Dandy, radio show: The Unsuspected)

Commercial artists with art aspirations (young auto designer: Female, hero: The Man in the Net)

Eateries and saloons (hamburger stand: Female, saloon: Dodge City, Rick’s place: Casablanca, restaurants: Mildred Pierce)

Financial planning (factory: Female, taxes: Dodge City, invasion of Cadiz: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, deeding royalties to parents: Yankee Doodle Dandy, raising money for business: Mildred Pierce)

Technology improvisation (using car lights for Over There: Yankee Doodle Dandy, records as alibis: The Unsuspected)

Concern over drinking (Hale takes pledge: Dodge City, Hurd Hatfield: The Unsuspected, hero’s wife: The Man in the Net) related (alcohol linked to seduction: Female)

Murders framed against innocent party (Dodge CityThe UnsuspectedThe Man in the Net)