Movie Stars: Marilyn Monroe Singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy

“When Marilyn sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jack Kennedy in the famous dress she had to be sewn into, the sequined Jean Louis gown, Mike was there that night,” Dowd told authors Ash Carter and Sam Kashner. “He told me, ‘I was standing right behind Marilyn, completely invisible, when she sang “Happy birthday, Mr. President,” and, indeed, the corny thing happened. Her dress split for my benefit, and there was Marilyn, and, yes, indeed, she didn’t wear any underwear.’ ”

Monroe’s dress, designed by Jean Louis, had 18 inch slit in the back and was covered in 4,000 rhinestones.



From left: Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy in 1962
Marilyn Dress Auction
Marilyn Monroe (center), in the dress she wore to sing for President John F. Kennedy, pictured with President Kennedy’s brother-in-law Steve Smith (left)