Movie Stars: Cary Grant–Roles Lost; Roles Rejected, James Bond

Roles Lost:

Cary Grant had expressed interest in playing William Holden’s character in The Bridge on the River Kwai at the time, but found it was not possible because of his commitment to The Pride and the Passion, which turned out to be both a critical and commercial success.

The film was shot on location in Spain, with co-star Frank Sinatra irritating his colleagues and leaving the production after few weeks. Although Grant had an affair with Loren during filming, Grant’s attempts to woo hen to marry proved fruitless, which led expressing anger when Paramount cast her opposite him in Houseboat (1958) as part of her contract.

The sexual tension between the two was so great during the making of Houseboat that the producers found it almost impossible to make.

James Bond?

Producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman originally sought Cary Grant for the role of James Bond in Dr. No (1962) but discarded the idea as Grant would only commit to only one feature film, or one feature at a time.  The producers decided to go after someone who could be part of a franchise.

He turned down the lead role in Gentleman’s Agreement in the 1940s, playing a non-Jewish character who pretends to be Jewish, because he believed he could not effectively play the part.