Miranda, Claudio: Cinematographer Profile

Inventive cinematographer  CLAUDIO MIRANDA is in charge of the visual style of David Fincher's “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which should bring him an Oscar nomination.

Miranda has known David Fincher since 1985. From his first jobs as a stage manager, electrician and best boy, he moved on to gaff Fincher’s “The Game,” followed by the watershed feature “Fight Club” in 1999.  At the production wrap party for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Miranda earned the (tongue-in-cheek) “Longevity Award” for his enduring relationship with the director.  

He also gaffed Tony Scott’s “Crimson Tide,” “The Fan” and “Enemy of the State.”

Faultless practicality and technical know-how have propelled Miranda towards his current status as an in-demand cinematographer.  The 2005 Sundance Film Festival hit “A Thousand Roads” directed by Chris Eyre, provided Miranda’s first feature cinematography credit and cemented his reputation as a DP to watch.

After honing his lighting chops on tentpole action flicks, Miranda began picking up Best Cinematography awards left, right, and center for his commercial and music video work.  Images from the commercials he has shot stay in the mind long after they have completed their run; he has won AICP and Clio awards for the Pocari “Tennis” spot in 2002, a Clio for Xelebri in 2004, an AICP for Heinekin in 2005, as well as an MVPA for a Beyoncé (featuring Sean Paul) clip in 2004.

The son of a Chilean architect and an interior designer, Miranda began studying at a Los Angeles community college but quickly realized this variety of education wasn’t for him.  He didn’t want to end up in a desk job; besides, his work as a stage manager was far more interesting.  His big break came in 1994, when Dariusz Wolski hired him to work as chief lighting technician on Alex Proyas’ “The Crow.”

Reaping the benefit of constant support from colleagues, Miranda says he has been offered many valuable legs-up along an accelerated career path.  He didn’t pick up a camera as a teenager, nor did he dream of being Steven Spielberg.  He says he is amazed his career keeps moving so quickly given the number of other talented DPs out there.

Miranda has developed a look influenced more by the natural world than conventionally cinematic stylizations.  He is influenced by the imperfections appearing within a composition, often choosing to light less obvious focal points within the frame.

With his girlfriend Kelli and his greatest accomplishment, daughter Sofia, Miranda lives in Los Angeles. He is represented by Dattner Dispoto and Associates.