Directors: Meyers–Profile

The Hitcher marks the first feature film that Dave Meyers has directed. He is currently developing Witch Hunters as his next film.

Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Meyers developed a love for film while, as a teenager, working for a small independent cinema. He then attended Loyola Marymount University, where he majored in Film Production and Philosophy.

After graduating, he programmed the inaugural slate of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. He also produced Copper Women, a short film that culminated Project: Involve, an IFP/West program designed to introduce ethnically diverse women into the film industry. Next, he worked in development for Paramount Pictures on the films Face/Off (directed by John Woo) and Twilight (directed by Robert Benton).

Meyers then embarked on a successful career as a director of music videos. He collaborated with such top artists as Pink (on Get the Party Started), Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Creed, Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kid Rock (on Cowboy), No Doubt (on Hey Baby), OutKast, The Offspring, and Britney Spears, capturing the unique appeal of each performer while innovating the medium. The videos have to date earned seven MTV Video Music Awards, the most recent of which were two for Missy Elliotts Lose Control.

Meyers expanded his body of work to encompass commercials. Among his most notable are spots for Hummer, Joe Boxer, Apple iPod, and Adidas. He has joined as a commercial director, and was also a principal force in the creation of