Lussier, Patrick: Director of MY Bloody Valentine 3D

Patrick Lussier is the director and editor of the new horror flick MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, which Lionsgate is releasing January 16, 2009.


He has collaborated with horror master Wes Craven on a dozen productions. Lussier recently edited Lionsgate's horror film THE EYE and also acted as a visual consultant on the film. He directed and edited WHITE NOISE:  THE LIGHT (aka WHITE NOISE 2) starring Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff. Lussier also directed and co-wrote the vampire trilogy WES CRAVEN PRESENTS DRACULA 2000, DRACULA II: ASCENSION and DRACULA III: LEGACY. He has also edited a slate of Craven's films since 1991.


After studying film at Capilano College in North Vancouver, B.C., Lussier began his career as an editor of episodic television on series such as “MacGyver.” In 1991, he was hired to edit episodes of the NBC anthology series “Nightmare Café.” Wes Craven produced the series and directed an episode that Lussier cut. Since then, the pair have worked together frequently. Lussier edited the filmmaker’s WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE, VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN, MUSIC OF THE HEART, all three SCREAM films, CURSED and RED EYE. 


Lussier’s many other editing credits include Guillermo del Toro’s MIMIC, Steve Miner's HALLOWEEN: H20 and comedies such as David Zucker’s MY BOSS’S DAUGHTER and D3: THE MIGHTY DUCKS.


Lussier made his directorial debut with the horror fantasy THE PROPHECY 3: THE ASCENT, the series’ last installment to feature Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel. He went on to co-write and direct Dimension’s DRACULA 2000, featuring Gerard Butler in his first starring role, and two sequels with a cast including Jason Scott Lee, Jason London, Roy Scheider and Rutger Hauer. 


Lussier also works as a visual consultant, enhancing films for various studios. His credits in this capacity include DARKNESS FALLS, 54, BROTHERS GRIMM, EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING/DOMINION, THE RETURN and WHISPER. Lussier was also a music consultant on REINDEER GAMES and EQUILIBIRUM.