Hollywood 2019: Young Talent–Julia Butters (Once Upona Time…in Hollywood)

Unlike other critics, I don’t think that child actress Julia Butters stole the scene in which she played opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.  But she certainly made a strong impression, delivering a strong, mature performance that promises bigger things in the future.

The L.A. native plays a precocious actress who must teach DiCaprio’s Rick how to get his groove back.  She was discovered by filmmaker Tarantino when he caught her ABC sitcom, American Housewife.

Butters comes from a showbiz family, her father is animator Darrin Butters, who worked on Disney’s Tangled and Frozen.

As she is only 10, Butters hasn’t seen her whole film, which is R-rated.

Her goal is to work with comedian actors she admires: Jim Carrey, Bill Murray or Kristen Wiig.