1 Hitchcock: Villains–Actors Playing Villains, Roles of Villains

July 26, 2020:

In his movies, the villains  are smooth, likable, elegant

High consumption is typically the prerogative of financiers and spies, or spies dressed as financiers, as in Notorious

In Psycho: Hitch said: “This is going to need someone with a sense of humor.”

“When you mention murder,  most writers begin to think in low-key terms. But the events leading up to the act itself might be very light and amusing. many murderers  are very attractive persons; they have to be in order to attract their victims.” (Robello, Psycho).

Actors who played Villains:

H’s villains are  sharp dressers or aristocratic aesthetes, often made sinister by stereotypically homosexual traits or other hints of sexual perversion.

39 Steps, Godfrey Tearle

Man Who Knew, Peter Lorre

Lady Vanishes, Paul Lukas

Shadow of Doubt, Joseph Cotten

Spellbound,  Leo J. Carroll

Notorious, Claude Rains

Rope, John Dall

Strangers on Train, Robert Walker

Dial M, Ray Milland

Vertigo, Tom Helmore, Gavin Elster

North, James Mason

Pyscho, Tony Perkins

Marnie, Sailor

Hitchcock was dissatisfied with the endings of both The Lodger and Suspicion.

The popular images  of Ivor Novello in The Lodger ad Cary Grant in Suspicion, it would have been impossible  to cast them as villains in other films.

Notorious (1946)

The villain in Notorious, Alexander Sebastian, is one of the most sympathetically tragic villains in Hitchcock’s cinema.

Significantly, his character is more developed and nuanced–we learn more about him–than that of the hero Devlin (Cary Grant) or heroine (Ingrid Bergman.