Wiseman, Frederick: Profile of Seminal Documentarian

Frederick Wiseman has made 37 documentaries and 2 fiction films.  Among his documentaries are Titicut Follies, Welfare, Public Housing, Near Death, La Comédie Française ou l’Amour Joué, and La Danse—Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris.
His documentaries are dramatic, narrative films that seek to portray the joy, sadness, comedy and tragedy of ordinary experience.  He has won numerous awards including four Emmys, a MacArthur Prize Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship.  His films have played in theatres and been broadcast on television in many countries.
He is also a theatre director and has directed “The Last Letter,” based on a chapter of Vasily Grossman’s novel Life and Fate, and Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” at the Comédie Française.  He is an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



Documentary Films

TITICUT FOLLIES, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA (1967), 84 min, 16mm, B&W

HIGH SCHOOL, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (1968), 75 min, 16mm, B&W

LAW AND ORDER, Kansas City, Missouri, USA (1969), 81 min, 16mm, B&W

HOSPITAL, New York, New York, USA (1969),  84 min, 16mm, B&W

BASIC TRAINING, Kentucky, USA (1971) 89 min, 16mm, B&W

ESSENE, Three Rivers, Michigan, USA (1972) 86 min, 16mm, B&W

JUVENILE COURT, Memphis, Tennessee, USA (1973) 144 min, 16mm, B&W

PRIMATE, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1974) 105 min, 16mm, B&W

WELFARE, New York, New York, USA (1975) 167 min, 16mm, B&W

MEAT, Greeley, Colorado, USA (1976) 113 min, 16mm, B&W

CANAL ZONE, Panama Canal Zone (1977) 174 min, 16mm, B&W

SINAI FIELD MISSION, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (1978) 127 min, 16mm, B&W

MANOEUVRE, West Germany (1979) 115 min, 16mm, B&W

MODEL, New York, New York, USA (1980) 129 min, 16mm, B&W

THE STORE, Dallas, Texas, USA (1983) 118 min, 16mm, color

Racetrack, Long Island, New York, USA (1985) 114 min, 16mm, B&W

Blind, Talladega, Alabama, USA (1986) 132 min, 16mm, color

Deaf, Talladega, Alabama, USA (1986) 164 min, 16mm, color

Adjustment and Work, Talladega, Alabama, USA (1986) 120 min, 16mm, color

Multi-handicapped, Talladega, Alabama, USA (1986) 126 min, 16mm, color

Missile, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA (1987) 115 min, 16mm, color

Near Death, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (1989) 358 min, 16mm, B&W

Central Park, New York, New York, USA (1989) 176 min, 16mm, color

Aspen, Aspen, Colorado, USA (1991) 146 min, 16mm, color

Zoo, Miami, Florida, USA (1993) 130 min, 16mm, color

High School II, New York, USA (1994) 220 min, 16mm, color

Ballet, New York, USA; Athens, Greece; Copenhagen, Denmark (1995), 170 min, 16mm, color

La ComÉdie Française ou L’Amour JouÉ, Paris, France (1996) 223 min, 16mm, color

Public Housing, Chicago, Illinois, USA (1997) , 195 min, 16mm, color

Belfast, Maine, Belfast, Maine, USA (1999), 248 min, 16mm, color

Domestic Violence, Tampa, Florida, USA (2001), 196 min, 16mm, color

Domestic Violence 2, Tampa, Florida, USA (2002), 160 min, 16mm, color

The Garden, New York, New York, USA (2004), 196 min, 16mm, color

State Legislature, Boise, Idaho, USA (2006), 217 min, 16mm, color

La Danse—Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, Paris, France (2009), 158 min, 35mm, color

Boxing Gym, Austin, Texas, USA (2010), 91 min, 16mm, color

Fiction Films

Seraphita’s Diary (1982), 90 min, 16mm, color

La Dernière Lettre (2002), 62 min, 35mm, B&W


Director of the Revue DÉSIRS


A choreographer who defies classification, Philippe Decouflé loves a challenge.  This quality has defined his career, bringing him worldwide success.  Introduced to the dance world by Isaac Alvarez and the Circus Academy of Annie Fratellini, Philippe Decouflé created his dance company, DCA, in 1983 after his initial career as a dancer.

Since then Decouflé has been celebrated for his stage productions, performances, commercials, dance videos,  short films, and choreography at the opening and closing ceremonies of the XV Olympic Games in Albertville, France.  Though his talent spans multiple art forms, Decouflé remains loyal to his first identity of “choreography craftsman.”  In 2009, after having being appointed artistic director of Crazy Horse, he directed the new production, Désirs, an incredible display of his craftsmanship.

His recent work includes SOMBREROS, OCTOPUS, and SWIMMING POUOLES & FLYING COQS for his company, DCA, and a piece titled IRIS which he choreographed and directed for the Cirque de Soleil, Los Angeles.



Artistic Director of the Revue DÉSIRS


Born in Tehran and now living and working in Paris, Ali Mahdavi’s artistic career has taken him from the prestigious Ecole Boulle to the Ecole Duperré.  He has spent time as a designer for Thierry Mugler, the Royal College of Art in London, the Paris Beaux-Arts, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Mahdavi’s earlier work at Crazy Horse Paris includes productions for Arielle Dombasle and Dita Von Teese, for whom he re-worked a version of the tableau “Teasing” in February 2009.





  • ·    In 60 years, almost 650 dancers have come on stage at Le Crazy.
  • ·    Auditions are held at Crazy Horse Paris every Wednesday.
  • ·    Crazy Horse Paris receives more than 500 unsolicited applications a year from dancers and only accepts 20 of them.
  • ·    The dancers’ bodies must always comply with the aesthetic criteria established by Alain Bernardin.
  • ·    Each dancer is given a stage name when she joins Crazy Horse Paris.
  • ·    The dancers’ dressing rooms are completely off-limits to men.





Director – Sound – Editor        Frederick Wiseman

Photography                                  John Davey

Mix                                                       Emmanuel Croset

Produced by                                   Pierre Olivier Bardet & Frederick Wiseman

A production                                  Idéale Audience & Zipporah Films

In association with                     Crazy Horse Productions

With the support of                    Canal+  Planète  CNC

A Zipporah Films Release

Zipporah Films, Inc.

1 Richdale Avenue, Unit 4

Cambridge, MA  02140






Venice Film Festival, August 2011

Toronto International Film Festival, September 2011

Telluride Film Festival, September 2011

Vancouver Film Festival, September 2011

San Sebastian Film Festival, September 2011

New York Film Festival, October 2011

London Film Festival, October 2011

Chicago International Film Festival, October 2011

Hamptons International Film Festival, October 2011

Viennale International Film Festival, October 2011

Camden International Film Festival, October 2011

Internationale Hofer Filmtage, October 2011

Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival, October 2011

Mar del Plata International Film Festival, November 2011

CPH:Dox International Documentary Film Festival Copenhagen, November 2011

Tokyo International Film Festival, World Cinema, November 2011

Festival dei Popoli, November 2011

Olympia International Film Festival, November 2011

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, November 2011

RIDM – Montreal International Documentary Festival, November 2011

Istanbul International Film Festival, 2012

It’s All True Documentary Film Festival, Brazil, 2012

Jeonju International Film Festival, 2012

Sydney Film Festival, 2012

Jerusalem Film Festival, 2012

Era New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland, 2012