Death in Hollywood: Capucine–Suicide (Age 62)

Capucine met Pierre Trabaud on the set of Rendez-vous (1949) and they married the next year. The marriage lasted only 8 months, and she never married again.

She had a relationship with Charles K. Feldman, who produced her films What’s New Pussycat?, The 7th Dawn, and The Honey Pot. This affair ended when Capucine met William Holden, but she and Feldman remained friends until his death in 1968. He left her $75,000.

Capucine met actor William Holden when they starred in the films The Lion (1962) and The 7th Dawn (1964). Holden was married to Brenda Marshall, but the two began a two-year affair, which ended due to Holden’s increasing alcoholism. After the affair ended, she and Holden remained friends until his death in 1981. In his will he left her $50,000.

On March 17, 1990, at age 62, Capucine jumped to her death from her eighth-floor apartment in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland, where she had lived for 28 years, having reportedly suffered from illness and depression.

The police said an investigation left no doubt that she committed suicide. Neighbours said she had led a reclusive life with her three cats, hardly ever leaving her apartment and spending most of her time reading.