De Van, Marina: French Extreme Cinema (Cinema of Body) Women (Cannes 2009)

Marina de Van

Years active 1993–present

Marina de Van (French: [də van]; born 8 February 1971 is a French film director, screenwriter and actress.

Her film, Don’t Look Back, was screened out of competition at the 2009 Cannes Film Fest.

Her brother Adrien de Van appeared with her in the 1998 film Sitcom playing her brother. In her directing debut In My Skin in 2002, he played an intern.

Selected filmography

See the Sea (1997) (writer)
Sitcom (1998) (actress)
8 Women (2002) (writer)
In My Skin (2002) (writer/director)
La clef (2007) (actress)
Don’t Look Back (2009) (writer/director)
Le petit poucet (2010) (director/collaborating writer)
Dark Touch (2012) (writer/director)

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