Cukor, George: Hollywood’s Best Actor Director–Rita Hayworth; Angela Lansbury

George Cukor was without a doubt Hollywood’s best actor director–Joseph L. Mankiewicz, director of All About Eve

My work really begins and ends through the actors, the more successfully you work through the actors, the more your own work disappears–George Cukor

Rita Hayworth:

George Cukor was also instrumental in launching the careers of many Hollywood stars.

He tested the young Rita Hayworth for the role of Katharine Hepburn’s sister in Holiday (1938), when Hayworth was still an obscure starlet at Columbia Pictures. But she was deemed too old and not suitable for the part.

Rita didn’t get the part, but Cukor promised to keep her in mind, and he did.  He cast Hayworth in Susan and God (1941) a Joan Crawford melodramatic vehicle, in a part which was brief but impressive, enabling her to flaunt her sexy looks and erotic appeal.

Rita Hayworth was forever grateful to Cukor: After this film, her rise in Hollywood was swift.