Cary Grant: Rumors of Being Gay–Randolph Scott

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott: Gay Relationship?

Cary Grant lived with fellow actor Randolph Scott (who was older by a few years) on and off and on for twelve years.  Some claim that it was a gay relationship, though there is no definitive evidence.

The two met early on in Grant’s career in 1932 at the Paramount when Scott was filming Sky Bride while Grant was shooting Sinners in the Sun, and moved in together soon afterwards.

Scott’s biographer Robert Nott states there is no evidence that Grant and Scott were homosexual, and blames rumors on material written about them in other books.

Grant’s daughter, Jennifer, also denied the claims.


When Chevy Chase joked on TV in 1980 that Grant was a “homo. What a gal!” Grant sued him for slander, and Chase was forced to retract his words.