Bertolucci: Auteur; Vision, Recurrent Themes, Motifs, Characters

Research in Progress (March 1, 2021)

Cinema is a matter of style, and style is a moral fact–Bertolucci


Cinema is the synthesis of all the other arts

Cinema is a kind of reservoir of the collective memory of this century.

The visual design of Bertolucci’s films is one of cinema’s most singular and sumptuous

The past holds the present captive; it subsumes and even becomes the present.

The recurrence of doubles and doppelgangers. Duality is manifest in several ways: split personality, identical figures, parallel lives, the same actor playing different roles in the same film, multiple P.O.V.s

The dances that often prefigure death

The sinister homosexual as a character

The Totemic Father

The pathology and inescapability of the family

The simultaneity between conformity and liberation

Ambivalent sexual identity

Youthful search for identity

Exploration of political ideology (Before the Revolution)

Discovery of the unconscious (Spider Strat

Loneliness and despair (The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris)

Oedipal contemporary dramas (Luna, Tragedy)

The linkage of the libidinal and the political: Depiction of isolated sexuality (Last Tango, The Dreamers) which is dangerous, because outside reality inevitably impinges on it; sexuality should never occur and be dealt with in isolation from other social factors.