1 Cukor: Hollywood’s Best Actors Director

Casts of Cukor’s Movies (A to Z)

The Actress (1950)


Spencer Tracy as Clinton Jones
Jean Simmons as Ruth Gordon Jones
Teresa Wright as Annie Jones
Anthony Perkins as Fred Whitmarsh (film debut)
Ian Wolfe as Mr. Bagley
Kay Williams as Hazel Dawn
Mary Wickes as Emma Glavey
Norma Jean Nilsson as Anna Williams
Dawn Bender as Katherine Follets
Jackie Coogan as Inopportune (uncredited)

Adam’s Rib

Spencer Tracy as Adam Bonner
Katharine Hepburn as Amanda Bonner
Judy Holliday as Doris Attinger
Tom Ewell as Warren Attinger
David Wayne as Kip Lurie, songwriter and piano player
Jean Hagen as Beryl Caighn
Hope Emerson as Olympia La Pere
Eve March as Grace
Clarence Kolb as Judge Reiser
Emerson Treacy as Jules Frikke
Polly Moran as Mrs. McGrath
Will Wright as Judge Marcasson
Elizabeth Flournoy as Dr. Margaret Brodeigh
Marvin Kaplan as court stenographer
Will Stanton as taxicab driver (uncredited)
Ray Walker as photographer (uncredited)

Bhowani Junction

Ava Gardner as Victoria Jones
Stewart Granger as Colonel Rodney Savage
Bill Travers as Patrick Taylor
Abraham Sofaer as Surabhai
Francis Matthews as Ranjit Kasel
Marne Maitland as Govindaswami
Peter Illing as Ghan Shyam aka Davay
Edward Chapman as Thomas Jones
Freda Jackson as the Sadani
Lionel Jeffries as Captain Graham McDaniel
Alan Tilvern as Ted Dunphy
Yousaf D Hamdani as Assistant Director
Neelo as a 15-year-old girl
Zohra Mahmood, special appearance

A Bill of Divorcement


John Barrymore as Hilary Fairfield
Billie Burke as Meg Fairfield
David Manners as Kit Humphreys
Katharine Hepburn as Sydney Fairfield
Paul Cavanagh as Gray Meredith
Henry Stephenson as Dr. Alliot
Gayle Evers as Bassett
Elizabeth Patterson as Aunt Hester Fairfield

Born Yesterday (1950)


Billie Dawn (Judy Holliday)
Harry Brock (Broderick Crawford)
Paul Verrall (William Holden)
Jim Devery (Howard St. John)
Eddie (Frank Otto)
Norval Hedges (Larry Oliver)
Mrs. Hedges (Barbara Brown)
Sanborn (Grandon Rhodes)
Helen (Claire Carleton)
Bootblack (Smoki Whitfield)


Katharine Hepburn as Susan Vance
Cary Grant as Dr. David Huxley (alias Mr. Bone)
May Robson as Elizabeth Carlton Random, Susan’s aunt
Charles Ruggles as Major Horace Applegate, a big-game hunter
Walter Catlett as Constable Slocum
Barry Fitzgerald as Aloysius Gogarty, Mrs. Random’s gardener
Fritz Feld as Dr. Fritz Lehman, an affluent psychiatrist
Virginia Walker as Alice Swallow, David’s fiancée
George Irving as Alexander Peabody, Mrs. Random’s lawyer
Leona Roberts as Hannah Gogarty, Aloysius’ wife and Mrs. Random’s servant
Tala Birell as Mrs. Lehman, Dr. Lehman’s wife
John Kelly as Elmer, Constable Slocum’s assistant
D’Arcy Corrigan as Professor LaTouche
Billy Bevan as Tom, the barkeeper
Billy Franey as the butcher
Dick Lane as Circus manager
Ward Bond as a motorcycle policeman
Jack Carson as a circus roustabout
Skippy as George, Mrs. Random’s dog
Nissa as Baby and the circus leopard

David Copperfield (1935)

(in order of appearance)

Edna May Oliver as Betsey Trotwood
Elizabeth Allan as Clara Copperfield
Jessie Ralph as Clara Peggotty
Harry Beresford as Dr. Chillip
Freddie Bartholomew as David Copperfield as a boy
Basil Rathbone as Edward Murdstone
Hugh Walpole as the vicar
Herbert Mundin as Barkis, coachman
John Buckler as Ham Peggotty
Faye Chaldecott as Little Em’ly as a child
Una O’Connor as Mrs. Gummidge
Lionel Barrymore as Dan’l Peggotty
Violet Kemble Cooper as Jane Murdstone
Elsa Lanchester as Clickett, Micawber’s maid
Jean Cadell as Emma Micawber
W. C. Fields as Wilkins Micawber
Lennox Pawle as Mr. Dick
Renee Gadd as Janet, Aunt Betsey’s maid
Marilyn Knowlden as Agnes Wickfield as a child
Lewis Stone as Mr. Wickfield
Roland Young as Uriah Heep
Frank Lawton as David Copperfield as a young man
Madge Evans as Agnes Wickfield as a woman
Hugh Williams as James Steerforth
Maureen O’Sullivan as Dora Spenlow
Florine McKinney as Little Em’ly as a woman
Ivan F. Simpson as Littimer, Steerforth’s servant
Mabel Colcord as Mary Ann

Our Better (1933)


Constance Bennett as Lady Pearl Saunders Grayston
Violet Kemble-Cooper as Duchess Minnie
Phoebe Foster as Princess Flora
Charles Starrett as Fleming Harvey
Grant Mitchell as Thornton Clay
Anita Louise as Bessie Saunders
Gilbert Roland as Pepi D’Costa
Minor Watson as Arthur Fenwick
Hugh Sinclair as Lord Harry Bleane
Alan Mowbray as Lord George Grayston
Harold Entwistle as Pole
Tyrell Davis as Ernest
Virginia Howell as Mrs. Saunders
Walter Walker as Mr. Saunders