Good Boss, The: Javier Bardem’s Comedy, Top Winner of Goya Awards (Spain’s Oscars)

Bardem’s ‘The Good Boss’ Named Best Spanish Film

Javier Bardem won best actor for the workplace dramedy that earned 6 prizes after a record-setting 20 nominations.

Feb 12, 2022–Director Fernando León de Aranoa’s dark workplace comedy The Good Boss was top winner at the 36th Goya Awards in ceremony held at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia, Spain.

The Good Boss was named best picture, claiming Spain’s premier film honor, while its star, Javier Bardem, prevailed as best actor for the project about a factory owner who seeks a top business prize. The film, which entered the ceremony with a record-setting 20 nominations, won six trophies in total, including best director, original screenplay, score and editing.

Cate Blanchett was the recipient of the first-ever International Goya Award following an introduction from Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz.

Cruz was nominated for Goya for best actress for Almodóvar’s Parallel Mothers, which also earned her Oscar nomination. But she lost to Maixabel’s Blanca Portillo, who portrays Maixabel Lasa, real-life advocate for peace in the Basque Country.

The full list of 2022 Goya Award winners is below.

Best Film
The Good Boss (WINNER)
Parallel Mothers
Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea

Best Director
Fernando León de Aranoa – The Good Boss (WINNER)
Manuel Martín Cuenca – The Daughter
Icíar Bollaín – Maixabel
Pedro Almodóvar – Parallel Mothers

Best Actor
Javier Bardem – The Good Boss (WINNER)
Javier Gutiérrez – The Daughter 
Eduard Fernández – Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea
Luis Tosar – Maixabel

Best Actress
Blanca Portillo – Maixabel (WINNER)
Lasa Emma Suárez – Josephine
Petra Martínez – That Was Life
Penélope Cruz – Parallel Mothers 

Best Supporting Actor
Urko Olazabal – Maixabel (WINNER)
Fernando Albizu – The Good Boss
Celso Bugallo – The Good Boss
Manolo Solo – The Good Boss

Best Supporting Actress
Nora Navas – Libertad (WINNER)
Sonia Almarcha – The Good Boss
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón – Parallel Mothers
Milena Smit – Parallel Mothers 

Best New Actor
Chechu Salgado – Outlaws (WINNER)
Óscar de la Fuente – The Good Boss
Tarik Rmili – The Good Boss
Jorge Motos – Lucas

Best New Actress
María Cerezuela – Maixabel (WINNER)
Ángela Cervantes – Girlfriends
Almudena Amor – The Good Boss
Nicolle García – Libertad 

Best Original Screenplay
The Good Boss–Fernando León de Aranoa (WINNER)
Libertad – Clara Roquet
Maixabel – Icíar Bollaín, Isa Campo
Out of Sync – Juanjo Giménez Peña, Pere Altimira

Best Adapted Screenplay
Outlaws – Daniel Monzón, Jorge Guerricaechevarría; based on the novel Las leyes de la frontera by Javier Cercas (WINNER)
Ama – Júlia de Paz Solvas, Núria Dunjó López; based on the short film of the same name by Júlia de la Paz
The Belly of the Sea – Agustí Villaronga; based on the novel Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake – Benito Zambrano, Cristina Campos; based on the novel of the same name by Cristina Campos

Best Ibero-American Film
The Cordillera of Dreams, Chile (WINNER)
Song Without a Name, Peru
The Siamese Bond, Argentina
Los Lobos, Mexico

Best European Film
Another Round, Denmark (WINNER)
Bye Bye Morons, France
I’m Your Man, Germany
Promising Young Woman, United Kingdom

Best New Director
Clara Roquet – Libertad (WINNER)
Carol Rodríguez Colás – Girlfriends
Javier Marco Rico – Josephine
David Martín de los Santos – That Was Life

Best Animated Film
Valentina (WINNER)
Gora automatikoa
Salvar el árbol (Zutik!)

Best Cinematography
Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea – Kiko de la Rica (WINNER)
The Good Boss – Pau Esteve Birba
Libertad – Gris Jordana
Parallel Mothers – José Luis Alcaine

Best Editing
The Good Boss – Vanessa L. Marimbert (WINNER)
Below Zero – Antonio Frutos
Josephine – Miguel Doblado
Maixabel – Nacho Ruiz Capillas

Best Art Direction
The Good Boss – Cesar Macarrón (WINNER)
Parallel Mothers – Antxon Gómez
Maixabel – Mikel Serrano

Best Production Supervision
Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea – Albert Espel, Kostas Seakianakis (WINNER)
Love Gets a Room – Óscar Vigiola
The Good Boss – Luis Gutiérrez
Maixabel – Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles

Best Sound
Out of Sync – Daniel Fontrodona, Oriol Tarragó, Marc Bech, Marc Orts (WINNER)
The Good Boss – Iván Marín, Pelayo Gutiérrez, Valeria Arcieri
Parallel Mothers – Sergio Bürmann, Laia Casanovas, Marc Orts
Maixabel – Alazne Ameztoy, Juan Ferro, Candela Palencia

Best Special Effects
The Vault – Pau Costa, Laura Pedro (WINNER)
The Good Boss – Raúl Romanillos, Míriam Piquer
The Grandmother – Raúl Romanillos, Ferran Piquer
Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea – Àlex Villagrasa

Best Costume Design
Outlaws – Vinyet Escobar (WINNER)
Love Gets a Room – Alberto Valcárcel
The Good Boss – Fernando García
Maixabel – Clara Bilbao

Best Makeup and Hairstyles
Outlaws – Sarai Rodríguez, Benjamín Pérez, Nacho Díaz (WINNER)
The Good Boss – Almudena Fonseca, Manolo García
Libertad – Eli Adánez, Sergio Pérez Berbel, Nacho Díaz
Maixabel – Karmele Soler, Sergio Pérez Berbel

Best Original Score
The Good Boss – Zeltia Montes (WINNER)
The Grandmother – Fatima Al Qadiri
Maixabel – Alberto Iglesias
Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea – Arnau Bataller

Best Original Song
“Te espera el mar” by María José Llergo – Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea (WINNER)
“Burst Out” by Àngel Leiro, Jean-Paul Dupeyron, Xavier Capellas – Álbum de posguerra
“Que me busquen por dentro” by Antonio Orozco, Jordi Colell Pinillos – The Cover
“Las leyes de la frontera” by Alejandro García Rodríguez, Antonio Molinero León, Daniel Escortell Blandino, José Manuel Cabrera Escot, Miguel García Cantero – Outlaws

Best Fictional Short Film
Tótem loba (WINNER)

Best Animated Short Film
The Monkey (WINNER)
Proceso de selección

Best Documentary Film
Quién lo impide (WINNER)
The Return: Life After ISIS
Heroes. Silence and Rock and Roll
Tehran Blues

Best Documentary Short Film
Dajla: cine y olvido