Golden Globes 2018: Why We Wear Black

The #WhyWeWearBlack protest is in full effect with plenty of big names speaking out and answering the question of why they will wear black to tonight’s Golden Globes, Hollywood awards show.

Eva Langoria explained the motivations behind the black idea. “We wear black for many reasons,” she said next to Oscar winner Natalie Portman: “To support the brave women who have come out with their stories, and to those that are still silenced, we are with you.”

“We wear black because we’re looking forward to a new day where the powerful do not exploit others,” Portman added.

Other actresses and actors in attendance chimed in with their reasons, like Laura Den, who is wearing black “because time’s up on imbalance and abusive power.” Brie Larson says she is “wearing black to stand with the 90% of restaurant workers who have reported that they’ve experienced sexual harassment.”

Tracee Ellis Ross, Brie Larson, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones thanked those that have donated over $15 million to the Time’s Up movement.

The foundation was created, according to Witherspoon, “for people who were victims of sexual harassment and discrimination and abuse in the work place and they don’t have access to legal representation.”